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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Once again, it's party time and once again, I am late to greet all of the newcomers. Here we go!

First I have Lara of Lara's Miniature World Her blog is fairly new, but she has some interesting things to look at.

Second is Allison from Miniature Allsorts She seems to have more than one blog. You can get to the others from here.

Next is Chelle from House of Mouse. She has a lot of neat Barbie stuff to look at.

Then we have Cleer. I have no info on this one.

Then there is Nyork of Mundomini la tienda Lots of minis to look at.

Next is Erika of El Desvan de las Hadas She has some printies for the pitchers that we all like to do on her blog.

Next is Hissunkissun. Her blog is in Finnish, but translates thanks to Google. Näprääjän notes is the title in English. You should go look at her tiny bobbin lace! The food looks good enough to eat!

Then there is BrujitaMinis She says that she is a newcomer to minis....She is doing quite well.

Next is Pity of Las Minis de Pity Lots of little bitty stuff to see!

There is minimusdoll. I have no info on this one.

Last is Selena with a blog of the same name. She is in Russia and makes the cutest little pesant dolls. Selena, I will have to tell my daughter about your blog. She spent some time in Russia for her college courses.

That's it for the new guests! Make yourselves at home. As usual, tea and cupcakes are ready and waiting. Welcome!!!

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