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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Melting...................

That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

OK. Would you believe that the dog ate my homework and I don't have anything to turn into a blog entry?

Well, the truth is, I had Wednesday Witches here this afternoon and they were afraid to go home in the rain for fear of melting.....

It has been pouring all afternoon. We have big puddles in the back yard and Tessie is getting worried about the wet stuff coming into the house under the door.

I keep telling her she is safe. She's not having any of it.
She looks out the window, points at the puddles and says, "I could melt! Witches do melt, you know. It's something to do with the water. Have you ever tried pouring water on sugar. It melts every time. I am like sugar...." I nod my head and pretend to agree....."Uh huh...Just like sugar."

Not likely. Anyway, you didn't drop in to watch Tessie melt, so I have to send you somewhere to keep you amused for a while.

Here is a printable mini site that I don't think that I have shown you before. Poke the thumbnails and see lots of new stuff to play with. Then poke the resultant thumbnails individually to make them printable size. Just this one site should keep you busy for quite a while if you haven't visited it before.

I have to go keep Tessie from getting wet now. There is nothing messier than a melting witch. I hope that we will be back to semi-normal by tomorrow.

See you then.


Karin Corbin said...

Salt melts too.

Carey said...

Thanks for the sharing the mini printable site. It is great. I love the tile page and the decoupage page.

Daisy said...

My dogs eats my minis all the time! Last night it was a miniature dollhouse that I had meticulously cut out of balsa! :) Enjoy your day, "just because," no excuses needed. We don't want to take you for granted! Blessings! Daisy

MiniKat said...

A third thing that starts with "s" melts too, according to my late grandpa. ;-)

Caseymini said...

Kat, I assume that the "s" word that melts is snow?LOL

rosanna said...

Thank you for the link Rosanna

miniacollection said...

Thank you for the link. tessie made me laugh.

Deni said...

She sure doesn't act like sugar!!!lol
Tessie is so funny! Luv the rain though, wish we could have some more over here ask Tessie maybe she could send some over to me