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Friday, January 8, 2010

She's Never Satisfied.....

I went out to my favorite antique mall yesterday. While I was gone, Tessie solved my problem with the dining room. I grew to hate the terracotta even more after putting the glaze on it. It just looked dirty, so I just gave up and left for a while.

When I returned, Tessie was proudly showing off her brushwork. I was surprised. The dining room was painted with Coffee Brown Ceramcoat. It's a little darker than Zar's bedroom and with white trim it will look good.

Of course, she couldn't just say "I painted your dining room. No.....She wanted payment for volunteer work. Zar was just worried about the chandelier. The way she was waving the brush around and pointing at her work with it and not very carefully, was scary.

She turned to me and spied the sack from the mall. That distracted her enough that Zar rescued the paintbrush.

"What'd you bring me?" No more bragging about the paint job. A shopping bag will do it every time.

"Here you go, Tessie." I said as I handed her a small sack of her own.

Her eyes lit up. I found a Chrysnbon Tea Cart at the mall. It was already completed and painted. It was only two dollars! Not bad.

She couldn't let well enough alone and say "Thank you very much.". No....She zapped it into the tea shop and then said...."It doesn't match. It needs to be either green or maybe white with little flowers painted on the edges."

I give her a present and what do I get? More work to do.

I must agree with her though. It does need to be a different color. I told her that I would trade her painting of the dining room for my painting of the tea cart.

She said, "OK. What else did you bring me?" Never satisfied with just one thing.

I saw this sewing box at the mall and thought at the time that it would be perfect for carrying Tessie's sewing. That is, the sewing that I do for Tessie.

It has bent wood ends and I think that the top, bottom and side pieces are mahogany. It has a lacquer finish and unfortunately there is one spot on the lid where it has come off. I can fix that though. From the style and the finish, I would guess it to be from the thirties or forties.

It actually had it's original items in it and I don't think that it had been used for many years. There were three handmade needle cases that were full. One is a really interesting crocheted one. Some of the commercial needle packets and snap packets were really old. To top it all off, I got it for twenty dollars. Hooray for me!

When I got it organized to see what all was in there, Tessie climbed in on top of the fabric needle books and relaxed. I didn't tell her it was hers. She just assumed. "Mine....All Mine."

We are going to replace the inside contents with small pieces of fabric and trim, and all of the other things that I need to keep Tessie well dressed. Then I won't have to scurry around the house finding things every time I make her something new. I think that she slept in it last night to make sure that it didn't disappear.

She is now happily rummaging here and there for fabric and trim. Every once in a while I hear her say...."Hmmmmm.....Apron. Yummy trim....for a dress. Ohhh! Feathers....New hat.

Could it be that she will be satisfied for a few days? She will be until she gets it stuffed to the gills. Then she will want a bigger sewing box.

See you tomorrow.


rosanna said...

Until she does not start hissing...." my preccccious" I guess you can feel at ease with her.Have fun ith the new toys Rosanna

Debbie said...

Lovely Box you found Casey. I have a thing for boxes. Tessie will be stuffing it with stuff. x

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Lovely finds! I'm amazed Tessie hasn't demanded you make her a matching miniature sewing box ;)

Caseymini said...

Rosanna, she hasn't started that yet.....

Debbie, I have a thing for boxes too. I am especially drawn to antique sewing boxes, but any box that I find is fair game.

Susan...She doesn't need a mini one. She has taken over the big one and has already stuffed it. I will show you tomorrow.