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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Party On, Dudes!

This morning I finally kicked everybody out of the Christmas tree. It was impossible to take it down without doing bodily harm to someone. What a crowd!

I put all of the little vignettes, trees, packages and other Christmas stuff in a big Christmas box. Now I will(hopefully)be able to find them next year.

The rest of the regular mini furnishings got stacked next to the front porch, ready for putting back where they belong. Two of the ladies from the party were so worn out that they just sat down in a couple of the chairs and refused to move. I have other things to do before I can taxi them home.

Some of these people just don't know when to quit! A bunch of them went from the tree to Eskiaga's house. The party is still going strong over there. I am, however, about to pull the plug on the guitar. Oz had been doing his best imitation of David Lee Roth and I have heard "Jump" about twenty times to many in the past couple of days. Enough already!!!

The only sane(?) people left are Tessie and Zar. As soon as I got the front porch cleared of people and Christmas decorations, they moved in. They have been sitting there for the past couple of hours.

They are sharing a big pitcher of orange juice and are recovering nicely. Every once in a while I hear them talking in low voices. So far, I have heard the following words, out of context, but loud enough that I know that they were meant to be heard.....There is Clockwork Cottage, Tessie's Teas, Spiderwort Manor and(Please tell me I didn't hear this one right) the Harrison. I think that I heard Tessie say, at one point, that she wasn't sure that the Magnolia would be large enough for her. And I quote, "The Harrison might be more suitable for a lady of my means." Lady? Means??

I am going to go finish taking down Christmas decorations. Then I am going far, far away where they won't be able to find me....I know....Dream on..........

See you tomorrow.


MiniKat said...

Good luck, Casey!

Susan said...

You're in deep trouble if Tessie and Zar have managed several hours together without a spat. When they're in agreement you're the odd man out ;)

Caseymini said...

Susan, I have only one defense....I am bigger than both of them put together! We will see who wins....