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Friday, January 22, 2010

....But I have Money!

Tessie is now the proud owner of a set of new shelves. Now the only problem is, how will she fill them all? She wanted big. She got big!

You saw the basic shelving unit yesterday. This morning I added a strip of chair rail to either vertical side of the front. Then I mitered crown molding to go around the top edge.

In this first photo you can plainly see where the pieces are added.

Then I sanded it all down and painted it white. I sanded it again and gave it a second coat.

Now it is hard to see where one piece of wood ends and another starts.

After it dried, I added some of the paper edging that I used on the shelves in the hanging cabinet on the other end of the room.

She has already started putting stuff on the shelves, but she doesn't have nearly enough to fill them. I imagine she will expect me to help with that. Theo is still hanging around, trying for cupcakes. He is a very determined tiger.

As soon as Zar got a whiff of what was happening, he showed up once again. Tessie didn't lock the door and he just walked right in without an appointment.

She glared at him and said accusingly, "You failed to make an appointment. Get out!"

Somehow, I don't think that is a winning way to treat potential customers. Appointment or no appointment.

Zar doesn't give up that easy when it comes to cupcakes. He responded with, "I have money and I want to make an appointment right now."

Tessie calmly looked him up and down and replied, "I shall have to change the sign. Appointments have to be made in advance. I need time to bake what you want."

"But you have cupcakes right there on the shelf."

"Those are reserved for a special client."

Zar gazed longingly at the three chocolate cupcakes on the golden plate in front of her. Then he repeated, "I have money."

Tessie calmly took all of the money he was holding in his hand(a nice crisp ten dollar bill) and replaced it with a single cupcake. Then she turned, took the golden plate in hand and strolled over to Theo. Zar watched with his mouth agape as she carefully, bite by bite, fed the two remaining cupcakes to Theo As she did, she cooed to Theo....."Nice kitty. Theo is a good kitty and gets free samples."

Then she turned to Zar and said......"HE made an appointment yesterday!"

I am leaving now, before the next argument starts. I have a feeling it may turn into a food fight and I don't want to get in the middle.

See you tomorrow.


rosanna said...

It sounds very like to Taming of a shrew... but I suppose that Zar will never, ever , be able to tame tessie.Too much a character! hugs Rosanna

Caseymini said...

Deni, if you read this, something happened to your comment about teapots before I got to read it all. It is out in the blogsphere somewhere floating around. I got as far as the word teapot and it just went poof! Please say it again. I would love to know what you said.

Sans! said...

You always seem to sync your posts on what I am cracking my head! Yes, this time it is "shelves". I love your embellishments. Tessie is so cruel and evil. She is my heroine. I hope she will never be tamed.

miniacollection said...

Beautiful shelves, lucky Tessie. I like reading your dialogues.

Irene said...

Poor Zar, God loves a trier!

jose said...

you have had left very well

April said...

Can you make me an apron like Tessie's?