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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tessie, Behind the Eight Ball......

Katie, over at Katie's Clay Corner just passed me(Tessie) the 8 ball. There are 8 questions for me to answer and then I have to pass it on to someone else. She passed up Casey! I am now officially top dog around here! I have Casey typing this for me, so I have to be careful how I answer.... Maybe I can spell her into forgetting what she is typing....

OK...#1.1. The names you are called by: "Tessie! Stop that!" "Tessie, cut that out!" And "Don't hold your breath, Tessie!" That last one, I usually hear just before I turn blue and practically pass out.

#2. Three items you are wearing: My favorite dress, my patchwork apron and my bare feet.

#3. Three things you did yesterday, last night and today: Yesterday I over saw the building of several tuffets, which I immediately claimed for Spiderwort Manor as soon as they were finished. Last night I complained about the discomfort of sitting in a hole in the magnifying lamp whilst watching the progress on said tuffets. This morning I am making sure that doesn't happen again. Casey is making a built in comfy seat for the lamp. Mine! All Mine!

#4. Name 2 things you have eaten: Just this morning I had snail eggs and Caterpillar bacon for breakfast....Yum!

#5. Two people I have rung today: Do you mean like ringing necks? I don't normally use the phone. I can never find it. I usually just yell loud when I want something. Now, about ringing necks.......I refuse to answer that, on the grounds that it might tend to incriminate me...

#6. Two things I will do today: That one's easy. I will boss Casey around and demand that everybody does what I say.

#7. Three best loved drinks: Bug Beer, Swamp Slime and Malevolent Martinis. The third one is really harmless. It is made with water and a twist of lemon or lime. I just like the sound of the name.

#8. Three things I intensely wish: 1. I wish that Casey would hurry up and build Spiderwort Manor. I am tired of living in the cheesy little cottage. I deserve better! 2. I wish that I could have anything I want.....Oh! Wait. I think I am well on my way to that one....Casey, stop typing and build! 3. The same as Katie. Good health, happiness and I am adding wealth for everyone. I want it all!

This is Tessie signing off and the ball goes to... Debbie of Tiny Treasures if she would like to play along.
I am off to supervise the building of my new lamp seat. Casey will show you when she wakes up from the trance.

See you later.


rosanna said...

I'm very curious about Tessie's answers.Keep writing Casey. Hugs to you both Rosanna

Caseymini said...

Sorry about the glitch Rosanna. Tessie tripped over the publish button!LOL

Katie said...

OH My.....Your quick! I barley got that post up and you've already done it!!! Must be those magical powers of yours......So, snail eggs and bug beer huh.....LMAO!!! So glad I'm not 1/12 scale!! LOL

...not to sure if it's the rain, but the cats are going crazy this's wrestle mania around here, lol! It's quite entertaining to watch though!!

Debbie said...

Thanks for passing the Eight Ball to me Tessie. x