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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Skimping to Save......

Monday night we went out to see Avatar and then to Outback for dinner with April and Seth.

While we were waiting for our food, we started talking about how corners are being cut by companies to save money(or make more money for themselves). It is happening everywhere.

They were laughing at me because one of the things that I have noticed a change in is toilet paper rolls.....No less length to the roll.....BUT different companies have cut 1/2" to 3/4" off of the width of every roll, making them narrower to cut costs! I imagine the if you make the roll less wide by that much, you can make quite a bit of profit in the long run.

What does this have to do with miniatures? This is what. I bought a bunch of the little cards of 1/4"plastic furniture that has been around for at least 25 years, not too long ago. I opened one of the cards today and grabbed one of the chairs. I always have to do some carving on them with an Exacto knife to make them not so bulky looking.

This time, if anything, I will have to add to them!

The chair on the left is the old one. Nice, square and solid. The manufacturers have changed the molds. The one on the right is the new one. The legs are way thinner than the backs and the seats look like someone turned them around backwards. The front is narrower than the back!

I am much to picky, but come on! How much can they be saving by doing this? I am probably the only one that would notice that these chairs are really messed up, stylewise.

They are now using brown for everything that used to be black. Even the woodburning kitchen stove is brown and the back is reallllllly thin. Somebody in quality control dropped the ball and then stomped on it!

OK. I will get down off of the soap box now.

While I was looking through the quarter inch supplies, I found a kit for a little laser cut, Edwardian desk. It took about 20 minutes to put it together. It would certainly help if people would put a picture of what the desk was supposed to look like when it's done. OK. So I am a grouch today....

Tessie wandered in while I was putting the desk together and found a kit for a laser cut jewelry box next to it. She immediately pounced on it. "Mine!!!"

"Sure Tessie, you can have that one." I said.

"Put it together. Now!" She demanded this as she dumped the kit out on the desk. I quickly rounded it up and made sure that she hadn't lost any of the pieces.

This one took all of five minutes to assemble. Very easy.

As soon as I finished it, even before the glue dried, Tessie grabbed it. She flipped the lid open and closed a couple of times. She looked me straight in the eye and said accusingly...."Where's all of the jewelry? It's a jewelry box. It should come filled to the brim with bracelets, necklaces and earrings....Oh......and rings! Lots of rings!"

Tomorrow we will be making necklaces, some rings, bracelets and earrings. Hmmmmmm....I wonder if I can talk Tessie into letting me pierce her ears? Probably not.......

See you then.


rosanna said...

A Flight company saved millions simply taking away 1 olive from each passengers' salad. I suppse we do not know how things cost till we have to do without them. But toilet paper ?! I cannot stop laughing at the thought ! BEst wishes Rosanna

Deni said...

I would pierce them any way lol
I can see you now running around try to prick her ear with a pin! lo
Shes such Fun even though she is a bit naughty!!!

mmm every thing is down sizing here too and charging dearer prices! Wonder where it will end!!!

Katie said...

Love that little jewerly box! It's perfect for Tessie!

And as for the question you asked me about my blog....I think your talking about one of my little clay dolls. I used a slice from a 'brain cane' I had made...and used it to make her skirt....if that's what your asking about? Have you seen the brain cane?? It's really pretty!

Happy New Year! :)