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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mini Sizing the Book

Ready. Set. Go...... I cheated and used pieces of a memo pad for the sample pages. It is easier to see the folds on the yellow paper than it is on white. The memo pad was 3 1/2" square. Thus I got a book that was 7/8" square for the pages and I cut the cover 1" square.

Whatever measurments you choose for the starting paper will be four times the dimensions of the finished book. In other words, if you start with 2" you will have 1/2" in the finished book measurment.

The paper is folded origami style. That is, each fold is made separately. I folded the paper in half first. Then the second and third folds were made with the edges pulled to the center fold.

I accidentally found that the lip on my keyboard drawer made it a lot easier to get an accurate fold.

I put the edge of the paper against the lip and folded the other edge against it. When making the other folds, I put the fold against the lip and folded the edge towards the center fold.
If you just crease the fold with your fingernail it will give a good fold. If you feel that you need a tool like a bone folder you can either go out and spend money on one or cheat and use something at hand. I have found that a butter knife works well. Most of the time you don't need a pointed tool.

Here are all of the folds and a couple of different cuts for the paper.

First you do the center fold and two side folds to the center. Next you repeat going the other way. Make sure that all of the folds are well creased.

Now for the cutting. I have two different ways to cut it shown in the photo. The first is the one that I showed you yesterday. It's up the center three blocks. Then one block in both directions from that. Last, you cut two down from those, parallel to the center cut.

The second one is simply cut between three blocks on the center. Turn it around and cut between three blocks on each side. That one kind of looks like a W.

Oops! There is a third way that I forgot to show. You can start in between the first and second row of blocks on one side. Cut up three squares. Turn and cut across two. Turn again and cut down two. Turn and cut one. Turn and cut one. That one makes a "spiral".

After you get it cut, accordion fold the boxes in whatever direction they want to lead you.

Cut two covers from card stock. Glue one to each end. When you do this, It is a good idea to either leave the book open or sandwich some wax paper between the glued end piece and the rest of the pages so that they don't stick.

As you can see, with the paper I used, it is springing open. It may be necessary to use lighter weight paper for the serious project.

I am trying a couple of clamps to see if holding it down for a while will keep it closed. I suspect not. We shall see.

I am going now, with plans to finish the vine book. That one is made of rice paper(very soft) and keeps the folds nicely.

I may add on later today with the results of the clamping and the other book.

See you then.
P. S. Here's the finished Vines book. Nothing fancy, but at least it's finished.

If you look carefully, you will see that the mini Clockwork Journal is being held down by the Vines book for the photo. I am going to put it back in the clamps now, but I have very little faith that it is going to stay closed.

See you tomorrow.


Eliza said...

Great job on both books! I have a doll's wooden flower press that I use to keep mini books closed. American Girl no longer carries them (they were part of Samantha's retired line), but you could probobly make one fairly easily, or there are a few out there for about $15. It really is the best way to press books shut, and small enough to be really convienient!

Norma Bennett said...

Thanks Casey for taking the time to put all those instructions and photos together! Its such an interesting idea. And I'm all for 'cheating' with whatever is at hand :)

dalesdreams said...

Funny, when you first posted about this, I thought rice paper for the mini version.

Have you tried ironing the book?

jose said...

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