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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kind of Like Where's Waldo.....

Kind of , but not quite. It was more of a "Where's Tessie?" kind of morning.

I decided to finish the decorations all but the Christmas tree this morning. Tessie and Zar were following me around wanting to see what I was changing in their little corner of the world.

The first thing I did was remove the silly little socks from the front of the microwave. I finally talked Tessie out of that idea by telling her that there was no chimney for Santa to slide down....Then I had to explaining about Santa sliding down the chimney..... That's hard to do when I am not even sure why he doesn't use the front door. It seems to me that he is risking burning his britches every time he does that!

Tessie and Zar first had to explore the street of shops that I placed in the living room. Tessie, as usual, had her say. "You need more sidewalks and trees and snow on the trees and that Santa statue at the end is in the way. I can't get into the quilt shop!"

I have to agree with everything she said, but I am NOT telling her that. If I try to explain that the street isn't finished yet, she will just start nagging me to get it done. I am NOT going to town to buy more trees or sidewalks. Not today!

Tessie is still finding spots to hang the stockings. The next thing she tried was the tall candlesticks in the family room. She said "Candles burn. They don't need a chimney and they should qualify as a fireplace. They are a fire place. A place that's on fire. Logic rules......

She got as far as the bowl of ornaments before Zar demanded that she come down before she broke her neck. He does care? More likely, he was worried about losing his only Christmas stocking. She picked his up along with all of hers before she started the climb.

She sat down on one of the jingle bells in the bowl and made it ring. That amused her. She started wiggling back and forth just so they would make noise. Then she sat there and giggled.

After Zar finally talked her down, they went to see what I had done with the front porch. She still hasn't spotted Santa relaxing on the roof. Thank goodness. If she catches him up there, he will be in such trouble for not working on her presents!

I finished putting a swag of greenery over the top of the real living room curtains and then I put one around the base of the buildings on top of the family room bookcase.

Maybe I should have left a bit of a gap in front of Tessie's cottage...... Here's the "Where's Tessie?" part.

See her up there trying to climb over the branches? I could hear her all the way in the living room, grousing about having to fight to get to the cottage. This went on for about 10 minutes. Then she turned around and looked down at me and said, "I simply can't keep doing this for the next two weeks! You are going to have to build me some accommodations closer to the ground!"

I know fully well that she could zap herself inside in a nanosecond.....Any excuse for me to start work on Spiderwort Manor.

Please join me for the chorus....."Don't hold your breath, Tessie!"

I am going back to work now and clean up the mess that I made decorating. Strangely, now both Tessie and Zar have disappeared. That indicates that this next part isn't going to be fun.

See you tomorrow.


Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

Oh! Your decorations look wonderful! Can I move in? We don't decorate any more and I do miss it a bit!

Michelle said...

Such a wonderful array of unusual houses and shops on top of your unit/cupboard Casey!! I don't think I've seen such wonderful houses like that in Britain to make, etc. I love the row of shops too! Fabulous!!! Tessie must have so much fun in them all! lol

Michelle :o)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Casey. I have not had time recently to leave comments on everyones blog, but have been popping in every few days to catch up.
Love Tessies apron and hat in your previous post.
Nikki xxx