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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Christmas Tree's the Place to Be!

Tessie came up with a way to accommodate her friends at the Christmas Party this morning. I wouldn't let her build rooms in the tree, so she decided on mini boxes.

She dug through the workroom and found an old wooden cigar box with a liner. It wasn't hinged so it was an easy start.

Then she found some Christmas scrap booking paper and some scraps of Hermes paper flooring. Oh! and more of the sticky paper lace.

The paper was a small 4"x6" pad and the width was exactly the width of the box. The height of the box was 5 1/2" so she had to snip off one end. Before she stuck it into the back of the box, she added some of the lace at the top for a fancy border.

Next came the floor. She stole some of my handy dandy cat food dividers and cut one into thirds. Each of those were covered with her flooring of choice. They stick out of the box about an inch. That gives more space on which to sit things.

She only stuck the wallpaper and the floor to the box in a couple of places. If I decide to use the boxes for something else later, I will be able to easily pop them out.

The next thing was running around the house and pilfering seating for guests. She wasn't really particular, as you can see.

The first one was a footstool. She is thinking of adding a tiny table to that one so that whomever sits there will have a place to put refreshments.

Next she found a settle that I had in a display case. Of course she added a couple of spare stockings to that one. She says that she is going to leave cookies and juicy eggnog in each box as an apology to poor Santa....I think she is still trying to stay on the "Nice List".

The third box is the liner of the cigar box. The last seating she found was in her stash in the computer room wall. She dragged it out and made a complete mess by the mini door.

That piece is a Chippendale settee from the group that I bought when I got the low boy and shelf units that she is using in the tearoom. I recovered the seat on that piece, but never refinished the resin part. I like it the way it is.

She also found a real antique. It's a Pic'n'Save shopping bag that I made when April was little and I was first starting out in minis. Pic'n'Save later turned into MacFrugel's and then to Big Lots. Like I said, it was from a LONG time ago.

Her plan is to stash these little boxes in various spots inside the tree, so that mini people can enjoy the festivities. She told me, "I don't want your heavy footed friends and relatives stomping on my company."

Somehow, this has turned into her party for her friends and she tells me that I am not invited. She is currently working on yellow tape, similar to the stuff that they use at crime scenes to keep out the general population. She is on hands and knees with several long pieces of quilling paper. She has one of my micro pens and is writing over and over....."Keep out!!! This means YOU! Trespassers will be turned to toads!!!"

This should be a very interesting Christmas.

See you tomorrow.


Debbie said...

I can't wait to see who turns up to her party Casey. I wonder if she will have any celebrities there? !!!!

MiniKat said...

Can't wait to see how she arranges everyone in the tree.

I have a couple of Tessie-sized things on our tree. Two white reindeer with holly around their necks. Eventually I will do more mini-themed ornaments, but right now the tree is full of stitched ones, crocheted ones, and lots of memories. :-)

Caseymini said...

Debbie, I doubt that there will be any celebtities there. Most can't shrink to 5 or 6 inches and I sure don't want a full sized Ozzy Osbourne mucking up the tree!LOL

Kathi said...

Mini room boxes, huh? What a clever idea!
Too bad I won't have time to make some this year...

rosanna said...

I'm really curious: how will you handle with a bunch of witches andodd mini people? I wish I could be there to have a look. Best wishes Rosanna