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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taken Away.......

Early this morning Zar showed up in the bedroom where I am sequestered with Widget. He had a large box under his arm. At least it was large for him....

It was one of the House of Miniature chair kits. In his other hand, he carried the infamous Steampunk water pistol.

He told me that I had not been doing enough for his cottage and demanded that I start right away on the chair. He even brought a fancy silk tie from Valentino of Italy.

Since I liked the fabric and I wasn't in the mood for tea shop work, I humored him. I pretended to be petrified of the pistol and the guard dog and went to work.
I was thankful that he brought the tie. I really don't like the colonial blue that comes with the chair kits.

I had used part of the Valentino tie for some pillows before, so I knew that it took to glue well.

I worked for a couple of hours since I was more or less confined anyway. It turned out as well as can be expected for one of those kits. I think that the fabric will give me a direction for the living room of the Clockwork cottage. That's the only one that I don't have a color scheme for yet.

About the time I finished it and Zar settled into it to try it out, Tessie showed up. Zar had made the mistake of laying the water pistol aside when he sat down. Tessie had it in her right hand and she demanded to know why I was working on Zar's chair instead of something for her teashop.

For once Zar played the hero and jumped in to save the day. He said, "Casey was only following my orders. She was afraid I was going to shoot her!"

Tessie started laughing hysterically. She exclaimed, "You silly man! Do you really think that a quarter teaspoon of water frightened her? She was just trying to get out of working for me."

I can see where there are going to be some problems between the two of them and I am stuck in the middle!

Tessie ordered Zar out of the chair and then Tessie, Spike and the chair all disappeared in a flash. I knew instantly where to look for them.

The tearoom now has a too large wing chair sitting in the center of its floor. In the center of the wing chair is Tessie and on her lap is Spike.

It may take a couple of hours for Balthazar to break loose of the paralyzing juice that Tessie shot at him. Did he really think that she would just load the pistol with plain old water, out of the tap? No way.

Before Tessie has a chance to do something dastardly to me, I had better get back to the tea room and look like I am doing something important!

See you tomorrow.


Ara said...

The chair looks great!! And I agree that they new fabric looks way better!! I have one of those...Hmmm.... might be time to go shuffle through my husbands tie rack :) - ara

Tabitha Corsica said...

I think the pattern of the tie is perfect. It is very "clockwork" and should be great in the cottage.
You work fast..I'd never be able to complete a project like that in a day.


Sans! said...

Wow,you cut up a Valentino tie for Zar?! LOL I don't know if I will ever have the heart but really why not, the chair is gorgeous!

Caseymini said...

Ara, if you use a tie, be sure that it is real silk. Any of the synthetics will not glue.

Sans, I got the Valentino tie years ago in a bag of ties from the thrift shop that was 2.oo for the whole bag! If I had to pay for a real Valentino..... Well...Let's just say I would neither pay for it or cut it up!LOL

Sandy said...

Fabulous! I would never have thought of using tie material! LOL i love your posts :-)

Deni said...

That chair fabric is just perfect for the clock shop if you can wing it outta Tessie's shop that is!
Your a fast worker!!!!

Katie said...

The chair looks great!! I have the same kit put away for something special, just haven't figured out what yet. And I think that blue is horrible, too! I much perfer the tie:)

Minka said...

Great fabric. Great idea!