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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Six Year Old Doesn't Like Lots of Black...

Yesterday Karin Corbin told me to get out my knives and files and get to work. She was right. I didn't do a lot. I may do more, but just rounding some corners and filing down a couple of place made quite a change.

The six year old mind changer got up this morning and decided that she(I) didn't like the black around the windows and door, or for that matter, the bands around the porch posts.

I got to work and erased them with more of the Trail Tan. I did keep the black door. I still like that part.

After doing those changes, I watched "Sixteen Blocks" with Bruce Willis and laid the rest of the floor. Someone asked the other day what I was using. It is more of my trusty "woven wood" blinds. Unfortunately, I am almost out and they no longer make them out of the luan mahogany. They now make something similar out of bamboo. I may have to try those one of these days. Those would take more work though. I think that they are tougher and wouldn't cut so well with scissors. In answer to the other question that was posed, I didn't stain them. They are that color when you get them.
Here you can see that I sliced off the corners of the entry way posts. Still no steps. I need to do those, but I need to finish the under porch first and I can't decide what I am going to do with that.

Tessie is letting bunny down to wander around and get acquainted. So far, no big battles between bunny and Spike. I think that she has high hopes of using Spike as a baby-bunny-sitter. I am not so sure that Spike isn't thinking...."Hmmmmm.....Lunch!".

I did get this one photo of the three of them sitting on the edge of the porch. It should be interesting. Unless Baby-bunny turns into one of those Monte Python bunnies with fangs I am going to have to watch them closely. Hey Bunny! Toughen up!!!
I have other things to do besides bunny-sitting.

I am going back to work now. There is still a lot to do to get the porch ready for Halloween.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Ahhh the bunny is SO cute! I love what you've done with the porch. I'm especially loving that wicker furniture! I know you made it and I
am insanely jealous!

Seth said...

Did Tessie watch Sixteen Blocks too? Is she a Bruce Willis fan?

Julie Old Crow said...

I love the black--but of course you were right. Once I saw the change it was just right.

Julie Old Crow
(whose sister once saw Bruce Willis land in a helicopter on a yacht (9and I mean a YACHT) in the St. Lawrence River when she was taking an after-lunch walk.)

rosanna said...

Thank you for the award, I really appreciate it. I'll post it tomorrow. The porch is so good looking and I love the wicker furniture. i must have a try sooner....or later. Mini hugs Rosanna