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Monday, October 26, 2009

New to the Neighborhood...

But not for long...Somehow, I don't think that the porch is going to stay in the only spot that I could find to display it right now. It just doesn't fit with the rest of the things around it.....I am thinking that maybe I do have too many minis..... Nah! Never!

It looks like I am going to have to get busy and rearrange some minis once again....And just think, I am going to have to do it twice more. Why did I buy three structures at once? Oh! I remember. Good deals for all three. Not good thinking on my part though.

I forgot to tell you. I went to a sidewalk sale at my favorite antique mall yesterday...Yes, the one where I found all of the House of Miniatures kits. No more kits, but I did find an old German souvenir clock for a dollar. It didn't run. I didn't expect it to, at that price. It did have lots of parts for Zar's projects.

As soon as I started taking it apart, I called Zar in to see everything. Unfortunately Tessie followed. Zar was delighted that I thought of him when I found the clock. Tessie was not! Her first words were, "Where's mine?"

I took the little clock apart and Zar started figuring out what he could construct from the pieces. Tessie planted both feet firmly on the hand painted face and said...."Since you couldn't see your way clear to buy me anything, I am taking this! It is MINE!".

Zar just laughed because he had no use for it anyway, but just to give her a hard time, he asked,"What are you going to do with that thing, Tessie?".

"I have two words for you, Zar. Surf...board!"

Zar looked at me sideways and whispered out of the corner of his mouth, "Surely she can't be serious!"

Seems like that phrase is used a lot around here.

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

You know... I was just thinking that your stories of Tessie and Zar would really make a cute little kids book. Ever thought of that?

Deni said...

that is beautiful Casey!
The verandah is gorgeous!!!
Im quite envious!

Debie Lyons said...

Your so talented Casey. That little porch has come up wonderfully. I love it very much.
Debie xxx

Sabiha Barkey said...

Such a beautiful piece...she could make also a table top out off it or use it as a wall decorating?


MiniKat said...

Love the porch, Casey. I guess Zar hasn't been paying too much attention to Tessie if he thinks she's not serious about using the clock face as a surf board. ;-)

I think it would make a lovely table top myself. Perhaps sitting in an alcove in a large house. Hey Tessie, got any ideas where it could go? ::G::

Caseymini said...

I am thinking headboard for a bed from the piece, but the flowers would have to be painted over. They are way too big. It is probably from the 70s or later. It has a wood face piece, but the box that held the works were that ugly brown plastic. It wouldn't be a bad thing to repaint it. I will save it for something.

dales_dreams said...

LOL, I love the cat lounging behind Zar, am I the only one who noticed that? ;)

Caseymini said...

Dale, you are the only one that commented on Mookie in the background.....But now you let the cat out of the bag!lol

dales_dreams said...


Deni said...

Oh yes I saw those
Miss Molly likes to get on the scenes too! lol