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Friday, September 4, 2009

Playing for Time.......

First of all, I couldn't resist this photo of Tessie showing off by climbing one of my orchid plants in the kitchen. No. I didn't grow it from scratch, but I am keeping it alive! That's the important part. I love the coloring on this one. No two flowers are alike.

Now about the playing for time part..... Zar finally found the time machine that he wants to build. I found a website that had some of James Christensen's paintings on it and I put this one on as my screen saver. Balthazar is very excited. He seems to think that we have all of the necessary ingredients right here in the house. Let's see....flashlight, check.....egg beater, check.....Think about it. I believe that Christensen was using someone Zar's size as a model when he did this painting.....Zar showed it to Tessie and rhapsodized about the "Wonderful Machine" and how he was going to make it. Tessie just nodded in agreement to humor him.

Anyway, he has been madly running around the house looking for parts. He found the flashlight, eggbeater and "C" batteries..... Then he made the mistake of checking the little drawers in this desk. He found the "rusty nails" drawer and pulled a couple of those out, just in case. He decided against the "caterpillar fur" and the "Ant whiskers".....Then he found a drawer that was just marked "Misc. Parts".... That was the big mistake of the day.

He crawled into the drawer to get a better look. He should know better by now. Tessie was right behind him. Never go into a drawer that can be closed when Tessie is there.... Yup. She couldn't resist the temptation....This is the end of today's lesson. The dogs both ran the other way as Tessie closed the drawer.
Zar is stuck between the "Bat toes" and the "Lizard tails". As soon as the hand disappeared into the drawer, Tessie slammed it and ran like the wind.

In case you are worried, I heard the muffled cries and after a couple of minutes I let him out. He is having second thoughts about searching for parts. He seems to want to avoid tight spaces.

By the way, the last time I saw Tessie, she was headed for the boonies with the eggbeater under one arm and the flashlight under the other. I heard her say as she disappeared, "Let's see who conquers time first." Then she started shouting "Doctor! Doctor Who! Where are you? I need your help with this!"

I think Tessie is ahead by a couple of nanoseconds......

See you tomorrow.


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Fantastic time machine! I have some pictures i will post on my harry potter blog. They are all steampunk sculptures which could be of interest to you. Iwillgo and do them now and add more as i find them.
Nikki x

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Casey. I just tried to load the images for you. I am unable to at the moment because the page is not fully loading. I will try again tomorrow.
Nikki x

Doreen said...

I see Spike is back and Theo has dissappeared??????

Deni said...

Oh Dear Tessie has had 2 really bad accidents lately but here she is climbing the Orchid!
tch!!!she is a trick!!

Caseymini said...

Doreen, I think you missed an episode or two. Spike and Theo actually showed up together at Eskiaga's house the other day. All is well. The are now getting along as well as can be expected between a dog and tiger. Anyway, they are both around now.

Pubdoll said...

That time machine is gorgeous, I really hope Zar manages to build one of his own! Hmmm, I wonder if Doctor Who will show up :-)

Pepi said...

me encanta la escena y la muñeca

Deni said...

Oh Dear! I do hope Dr Who doesn't turn up>
GOSH!! Tessie may send Zar with him in his time machine then who knows when he will be back lol
Zar had better watch his back!