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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not Really Off The Subject.....

Well, it is and it isn't....This morning I changed the background for the blog and started surfing. I found a couple of new websites that I thought that you might be interested in browsing through for ideas. For those of you that like "Shabby Chic" style, this site is all inspiration. There are hundreds of photos of interiors and accessories. There are some sections that are all antique photography and cards. I have yet to get through this one. The second one is similar, but different..... I don't have time to go through all of the sections right this minute, but rest assured that I will be doing it soon. Both of them are outstanding. Each of the thumbnails that you see on the main page leads to many more. Have fun poking them!

And in the news today, Tessie is packing furiously. We are going up to Scottsdale for a couple of days this weekend. She has been informed that, if she is on her best behavior, she may go along for the ride. The first thing she asked was,"You are going to be bringing the laptop and the camera, aren't you? This will be my first trip abroad and I want it recorded for posterity!" Then, "Don't forget the batteries! I assume that we will be going shopping. This means that I can replace these stiff old things that you have me dressed in now. Is ScottsdaleFashion Square reallymiles and miles long? Can I bring my own bed? Will I need towels?" On and on she went.

After she ran out of breath, I told her to go look for material and I would "have some new clothes made for her" while we were there.....I just didn't say that I was going to be the seamstress....Please don't tell her.

She is now happily stuffing suitcases, sacks and various other containers with potential new clothes. She must think that we are going to be there for at least a month, judging from what she packed.

Zar just showed up and said, "Here's your hat. Have fun!"

I think that he is looking forward to a few days of blissful quiet. Maybe he will work on the Clockwork Cottage.....I can dream, can't I?

Have fun looking at all of the pretty pictures. See you tomorrow.


DollMum said...

Sewing clothes for Tessie while you are on a weekend trip from home - wow she is lucky, but no doubt she won't be grateful - you'll just have to make sure they aren't as 'stiff' as the current outfit or she will only complain some more ;-) Best distract her with photo taking so she doesn't see you sewing. How about giving her a mini camera of her own for the weekend, that should keep her busy. Hope you have fun.

Evelien said...

Thanx for the nice links! Have a good weekend trip and I hope Tessie will be grateful for the effort you make (her clothes). I think she needs to make some things for you to!! (then she knows how much work it is ;) )

Sans said...

I like the new look, very much.