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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Knitwit....

OK. I know that's not the way to spell nitwit, but that's the way I am spelling it this morning. In the past week I have started knitting four new pair of real life socks. Christmas is coming. April, don't look at this. Every year she and Seth both act surprised and I act like Mrs. Weasley. Socks for both of them, and sometimes others, every year. One year Seth opened his package and started laughing. I asked what was wrong and he pulled up one of his pant legs. I had purchased the same sock yarn that I had a couple of years before. He had the original socks on. At least they were a different pattern. I definitely felt like I was channeling Mrs. Weasley. Didn't she knit all of the kids the same sweaters in their house colors each year as they grew? The only thing I didn't do is put an "S" on the socks for him. This year I made sure that the yarn was different.

So I wanted to do something different this morning. I didn't want to work on the cottage or on the socks. What did I do instead? The knitwit pulled out the bead knitting box.

Well....It is different.....It's not socks(It could be. I have a pattern around here somewhere for knitting mini socks.) It's not the cottage. First I sorted the Perle cotton in color order. That's the way I wind up sorting anything that I have with lots of color. It seems to make things easier to find. Then I started seeing what I had started that needs to be finished.

Tessie wandered in. "Whatcha doin'?". Sorting my thread. "Ooh! Purple! er, Ohh! RED!" She almost forgot that puce was out and scarlet was in this week.

"What are you going to make me?" Then " Hat! RED!" I see a new trend. Whatever color is in site and finished is her favorite now.

I explained that it was a child's hat and too small for her head. "Does it stretch?"

"No Tessie, not enough to fit your pile of hair."

So much for that one.

She planted herself, out of habit, on a ball of lavender. Then she proceeded to point out that most of the stuff was too big for her, unfinished and the wrong color.

The bag that she is holding on her lap was not in a color that she liked, but it was finished and she had high hopes of whisking it out of there when my back was turned.

The pieces that you see in front of her are different steps of knitting beaded bags. I won't bore you with the steps. I will only say that I had better get to work or none of them will ever be finished.

She did find one other one that was finished and "almost puce".

It's not her size, but she had to try it on anyway. Big people wear them around the neck as pendants. Tessie wraps the chain around her neck as a boa. I have visions of her strangling herself with it. Not good!

I am fond of this one, so she is not going to carry it off. I can see her just patiently staring into the middle distance. She is just waiting for the right moment to click her heels together and disappear. I had better go take the spirit bag away from her an give her the green bag that is her size. She wins again, but so do I.

See you tomorrow.


The Carolina Quilter said...

I love the little knitted hat! I never learned to knit and, as I think I've told you before, for some reason punch needle seems to be eluding me as well! And I actually tried to piece a mini Jewel Box quilt at work yesterday with scraps and it was a disaster--crooked little seams, mismatched blocks--yuck! Seems I can only do them life-sized.


Deni said...

Oh! Im a Knitwit I have a certificate to say so.. lol

Casey your blog has really encouraged me to get on and do some things minis, I haven't done any for 12 months or more.
You have got me back on track thank you!
I just love your beading!
I can see Tessie does too, no matter what the colour!!!!
I think in her heart she still loves her Puice, I love that colour too, maybe she didn't see anything you were making to be Puice, so she decided to change she does slip up sometimes there lol, and she can wisk away anything you make now! OOPS!!!