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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fee Fi Fo Fum.............

Today was the day!!! You will have to come to Tucson and see the museum for yourself. This is the front entrance of the Mini Time Machine. See that little door beside the front door? That is the fairy entrance. See the front door? The bottom half is the regular people entrance....don't ask what comes in through the whole door. I didn't..... Maybe it was the overlarge tree with three faces in the Fantasy Room..... After all, it has numerous knotholes in it and houses many many mini mice. No....Not Minnie Mouse. I didn't count the number, but there is enough room for at least a hundred or so.

Step inside the front door and look up and to your left and you see the entrance of Caitlin's fairy museum. As you come in you hear the sound of the fairies flying. You know that tinkly sound that they make, and the little door actually moves!

I didn't ask to take a lot of photos. I felt privileged to take the few that I did. It is a rarity for anyone to get permission. Cameras aren't usually allowed.

I did get some of Caitlin, Tessie and later Zar. We spotted Caitlin in different parts of the museum. She flits from place to place and plays hide and seek. She's kind of like
the "Where's Waldo?" of the mini world. We actually spotted her six different times as we were touring the museum. She really gets around!

It is a fantastic place and we were so excited to be the first group to tour. It is hard to see everything. Personally, I am purchasing a membership and will go back again and again. Mind you, I worked at the old museum for several years and never tired of wandering around there whenever I could. The new one is a-maze-ing! We kept getting lost. Everywhere you look there are glorious miniatures, so you don't mind not knowing where you are or where you are going.

After we wandered here and there for a couple of hours, we went into the "Ape Room". No. I'm not joking. That's the name of the room. It is named for one of the characters that lives in the museum. We had refreshments and talked for a while. We never did get around to really doing any projects.

Tessie climbed out of the basket that I carried her in, grabbed the pot of spiderwort that she brought as a housewarming gift for Caitlin and disappeared. She left Zar on his own. Pat and I went searching for her......There's no way I would let Tessie loose in the museum alone. As Debbie said yesterday, her every word would be "Mine! Mine! Mine!" We had to find her fast. If we didn't she would probably demand asylum in the Bishop's house and refuse to go home!

We finally found her on the steps of one of the houses presenting Caitlin with the spiderwort. I don't think that fairies are as crazy about spiderwort as witches are, in general. Caitlin has much better manners than Tessie though. She graciously accepted the gift.

The step that Caitlin is sitting on is the front section of an English house that sits in the next cabinet over. It is set up that way so that you can view the inside of the house and the outside at the same time. That arrangement is wonderful, because that way you don't have to make a choice of what is going to be seen.

Zar finally got there. I managed to get a photo as he headed up the stairs.
They all seemed to be enjoying the visit, so we left them for a bit.

Here you can see more of the front panel and a couple of other room boxes that hang in the same display case.
As I said at the beginning, you will just have to come and see it for yourself. Here's all of the information on how to get there. Http:// Also the website for the museum is up now, but there is not a lot there so far. I imagine that they will be adding to it as they go along.
I am so proud of Tessie. She was very polite. I didn't have to drag her out kicking and screaming. On the way back I heard her whispering to herself in the basket....."There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.". If she wore ruby slippers, or any kind of shoes, I have the feeling that she would have been clicking her heels together three times. I think it's called miniature overload. I am off to dream of wondrous things now.

See you tomorrow.


Jill said...

What a fun field trip for Tessie and Zar! The museum looks soooo fun! If I ever get to AZ, I will definitely try to go there. I love the little fairy door. I think that I want one for my house!

Deni said...

Oh! what fantastic Day you all had!
Shame that one cannot see some photos online, I will never get to see the museum, I understand why though!
Oh that Tessie! she is gorgeous! Did you check her pockets and your basket when you arrived home?
She loves to borrow quite a lot of things! lol

Kathi said...

15,560 sq feet of miniatures! WOW!
I would NEVER want to go home! I'm certain that you had a wonderful time there! Wish I lived close enough to visit. Thanks for sharing Tessie's adventure with us.
Sweet dreams!

The Carolina Quilter said...

How wonderful! I'd love to come see it 'in person' but--sigh--landlocked at home for now with school, work, bills, responsiblities, etc.! But I'll enjoy my visit to the website in the meantime!


Debbie said...

Casey its sounds wonderful.The Entrance Doors are brilliant. So pleased that Tessie behaved herself and was a good little Witch for a change. xxx

Kim said...

How wonderful!!! I think I am going to have to start hinting to my hubby that we need to go on a trip! Thank you Casey and thanks to the museum for the pics- especially that we were lucky enough to see and meet Caitlin. I think I would have found it hard to leave :)