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Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't Triffle with Tessie!

I grabbed the camera and went after Zar and Tessie after you left yesterday. Zar threw Tessie on the handlebars of the Steampunk bike. That part, she seemed to like. She thought that all was forgiven and it was fun......Then......Zar bypassed her cottage, his half finished house, and headed straight to the basket that carried them to the museum.

He unceremoniously dumped her in the lounge that she had insisted on taking to the museum. He said "This is where you belong, Tessie! You are a basket case!" Then he picked up the Mesmerizing Machine, but she was to quick for him. She poofed his racing form into her hand and shielded her eyes. The crystal spun to no avail. It doesn't work unless you can get the subject to stare at it....Come on! You can't seriously believe that Tessie would stare at it, now that she knows what it can do to her memory banks.

She quickly summoned the Black Dragon. He came swooping down into the basket and picked her up.
Poor unfortunate Balthazar was snagged at the same time. Now they are flying madly around the family room. Zar is hanging on for dear life and Tessie is trying to poke his right eye out with her thumb to make him let go.

Please excuse me now. I think that I shall have to go separate the two of them and put each in a different room to cool off. I don't want to have to wrap both of them in bandages like tiny mummies. I already have a mummy in the Archeologist's Office. I don't need two more.

Where did I put that fly swatter?

See you tomorrow.


The Carolina Quilter said...

My goodness, the adventures those two get up to!


Sans said...

I think they are in love, Casey.

Pubdoll said...

They're so cute when they quarrel! Love the photos! (I'm impressed of all the things they are capable of doing, their bodies are really well-made)

Debbie said...

PMSL.. I think Tessie won that round. x

Marja said...

oh my god .... what a misery
but if that continues ...
they demolish your house
I would definitely separate the 2