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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Day After.......

The party at the museum was wonderful. We had champagne and toasts to the opening. Then we strolled at leisure, looking at all of the treasures as a harpist played. This is my second time and even with hoards of people, I saw new things that I missed before.

That happened every time I went to the old museum too though. I worked there two days a week for several years and still didn't see everything. And that building was much smaller than the present one.

I know that you are wanting to find out what happened here while I was away. There was a party. It was comparatively tame as mini parties go.

I heard noise coming from three fronts. The main party was in Zar's workroom. Strangely, Zar was the only man present. He said that the basket maker got mad and left. I asked "Why?". Balthzar was gauche enough to tell me that he had all of the girls eating out of the palm of his hand and it made the straw man, as Zar calls him, annoyed.

Zar did look like he was getting a lot of attention and loving every minute of it.

Tessie wasn't there, but I thought it was best not to ask about her at that point. The life of the party wanted to go back to his guests.
I heard Eskiaga's voice. I know he's not a party animal and pretty much stays at home. That made me wonder if he had taken to talking to himself. I looked in and there he was surrounded by cats, dogs, a tiger, and an alligator. He was telling them Apache folk tales.

As they listened attentively, I noticed that Spike and Theo were both present. I don't know where Spike has been hiding for the past few days. Maybe he was just not sure about living with a tiger.

Did I mention that there was a small black cat, that wandered in with the rest, that I had never seen before? Hmmmmmmm....Katie, count your stray cats and let me know if there is a half grown black one missing!

When Eskiaga was finished with the story I asked why all the animals. He told me that he had kindly given them sanctuary while the wildest part of the party was happening. He also told me to look for cold pizza under the table where the Clockwork Cottage sits. He said that there was a delivery earlier of way more pizzas than Zar and the gang could stuff down in one night.

I then asked if he knew where Tessie was. He simply said "Turn on the magnifying lamp by the Clockwork Cottage."

There was Tessie. I thought at first that she was alone, with a cranberry margarita in her hand and depressed. Then she got a wicked grin on her face. I asked what was going on. She replied, "See the camera that I set up behind the secret bookcase? Now I can't forget how to get into the workshop. I recorded the combination on the touch pad that gets him in. I WIN!!!"

I don't think that she has won anything yet. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of another war. Zar better get rid of the party girls change the numbers fast!

See you tomorrow.


DollMum said...

No flies on Tessie - she is so smart!

Julie Old Crow said...

just stopped in to see what Tessie and Zar were up to--and see that it is PLENTY! I really love their storyline.

Glad Spike turned up!
Julie Old Crow

Katie said...

LOL! Last time I counted, all 5 were here. However, I will say that sometimes the black one is no where to be found...Wonder if Tessie is really borrowing him?? LOL.....If she wants, I can catch him and 'mail' him to her....He's so tiny, he'd make the perfect 'horse' for her!! Hehehe!! He really is a cutie!

LOL! Zar's such the stud!! LOL!