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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Little Mini...

Hey! I did minis.  I did a row and a half on this rug! I know that isn't much, but it's better that nothing!

Walter went golfing this morning and I went to Walmart and bought a new Instant Pot.  A month ago, you could have asked me what an Instant Pot was and I would not have been able to answer the question.  I started seeing them on Pinterest and now I have one.   

I managed to actually take it out of the box today.  Maybe tomorrow, I will try it out.

Meanwhile, Walter and I both had eye exams this afternoon. Nothing has changed for either of us.  No need for new glasses. 

I left Kota in charge.  When we got back, he was threatening Tessie with bodily harm... I think that the exact words were.  "Behave Tessie.  I will bite your head off of your little neck if you step out of line!"

I didn't actually hear him say that.  Tessie repeated it to me when we got home.  I believe her... Kota doesn't mess around when he is in charge!

I did manage to get the heel flap started on this sock while waiting for Walter to get his eyes checked...

No. It's not mini, but at least I got something done.

This is one of those "Flat feet pieces  that someone sent me a few years ago.  Love these things.  They come as flat pieces and you can turn them into anything knitted.  I am liking these socks. Such pretty colors!

Over the past couple of years, Walter has bribed me with a Starbucks treat every time I went to the doctors. 

Today we both went to the doctor so we both got Starbucks... OK.  So we both get Starbucks every time, but this time Walter's was legitimate too...

He has his annual checkup on Friday.  I wonder if I get one when he goes to do that???

Anyway, not a lot accomplished today... Maybe tomorrow.

See you then.

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