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Saturday, February 9, 2019

It Looks Like "Whenever I'm In The Mood..."

This morning, we went to the movies with April, Seth and Amare... We went to see the new Legos Movie... I started out thinking that it was going to be boring.  Left the theater humming along with the tunes in the movie. It was for kids,  but with a lot of stuff for adults too. 

Loved it.

I am not getting anything done in the workroom... Jus a lot of taking out and putting things back.

I have way too much knitting to do! I have one of Eben's socks finished... the other one has about an inch finished... This could take another month, at the rate I am going. 

Kota thinks that I am making him a new bed...

I think that would take even longer than the socks!

Not going to happen...
And Tessie? At least she is amused. She is making plans for all of the new beads that I bought.

Did I mention that she's making a LONG list?

She is... And she's setting on it.  I can't start until she finishes the list.

This may take a while.

So far, there are 51 items and counting... She keeps changing her mind.

I am going to go back to knitting now.  See you soon.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The 20s Are Coming!!!

I have been out covering plants. I was wrong. It was not yesterday that the 20s started. It is tonight.

I have been making ghosts all over the yard. It took me about an hour to cover everything that I didn't want to get frostbitten.
And what did Tessie do whilst I was freezing?  Yup. She just sat in her bedroom playing with her goodies.

I did get her out of there.... All I had to say was "Doctor Who is stealing the time machine."
He was trying, but she got there just in time.

She grabbed one of his pant legs and pulled. 

He is now on the floor of the living room and I think that Tessie is half way down to Tombstone.

Did I mention that Daisy took her down there and introduced her to Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp?  Yup.  They are all talking about double dating.... I am not looking forward to having Daisy and Tessie bringing them home to meet MOM.....They are both calling me mom now... Not a good start to new things.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Another Quiet Day In Tucson...

Or Maybe that should be another COLD day in Tucson. Right now it is 60 degrees outside.

It is suppose to get down to the 20s tonight.  I am going to be spending the afternoon covering plants. 

I figured that I had better write this now.  Tessie is not happy that I have not started her MANY necklaces yet.  Take note of where all of the smaller beads are being stored.  At Tessie's request... Or should I say demand?

I am thinking that I had better get the plants covered quickly or she is going to be having a hissy fit.

The baby tree is doing nicely so far.  No blooms, but the leaves are still doing nicely.

You may be wondering why I am showing you a hole in the dirt in the next photo...

Walter pulled the fig tree out roots and all this weekend.

He said it came out easy.  For him easy.  For me, difficult.  I went and looked for a new one at Walmart this morning.  They have them, but they are basically a two foot long stick with no leaves.  I am going to wait a few weeks.  I am not buying a stick with no leaves for thirty five Dollars. 

Let them grow the first few leaves so that I will know it is really a fig tree and not just a stick.

I am going back to work now.  Tessie is not getting a necklace right now.  I have other things to do.  Plant covering comes next.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Saturday and Sunday....

I am amazed at people that will throw a watch away because the battery went dead! All eight of these were in a jar that I bought, not to long ago, at Goodwill. All I did was replace the batteries with ones that I bought at Dollar tree.  Four for a dollar! Every one of them works just fine. Now all I have to do is make them some beaded bands.

Saturday, we met April, Seth and Amare for a tour around the tents at the ballpark and then to lunch at Michas. It has reopened and we really enjoyed it.

For those of you that don't know, that's our Mexican restaurant of choice here in Tucson. It has been closed for a while.  They had a fire start in the kitchen.  It wiped out the whole restaurant and they had to rebuild the inside. The food is still as good as ever.

Walter and I went to the ballpark again today.   I grabbed a lot of beads to work with. I got home and sorted the piles out to see what I had...

Then I left the room for a few minutes.  When I got back Tessie was in the middle of the tray. 

As I watched, she kept saying.... "This is mine... and this is mine... This is mine... This is mine.  I think that she said that about 40 times.  Then I stopped her... I grabbed the tray... Put her back on the bed and told her emphatically "This I ALL MINE!"

I will probably have to make her a crystal necklace or two.  But at least I will get most of it.

I am thinking of doing the blog Monday through Friday for a while and see how it works out. Today is Monday... Only four more days to go and then I get two days off.  Maybe.  We shall see. 

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Once Again the Gem Show...

 Before I even hit the first tent.... I bought some beads.  These were two and three dollars a strand. I got four for ten dollars... Outside the main tent at the ballpark. In a booth set up under a canvas tarp.
When I got inside, I bought two of these.  One for myself and the other one for Amare.  He likes snakes too....

Mine will become a pendant. I am not sure what plans he has for his.
I also bought ten tubes of seed beads for 20.00.

Just what I need.  More seed beads!

In case you can't tell. I'm a happy camper.

I am off to sort through my ill gotten gains, again. 

Back to the beads. See you tomorrow. 

Friday, February 1, 2019

Life Goes On....

 Tessie and Zar are enjoying the morning on Zar's rooftop deck.

I was not invited...

Eskiaga and Zar's ex maid are enjoying lunch and chatting in the Southwestern Room box.  I was not invited...  
Einstein and friends are chatting on his front porch... and where am I spending my time....???

I am still knitting my fingers to the bone... The sock that you see to the left still has two and a half inches to be  done! Then on to the second one.

I have to stick to it! See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Birthday and Presents!!!

It's my 12th Birthday again!!!

I refuse to get any older!

This is the Birthday card that Walter made for me.  We make each other cards every year.
The inside looked like this. It had a photo of my biggest present inside! New Car!!! His name is Charles Xavier III. Walter got his older brother on the first of the month.  His is a CX-5. They are both Mazdas

We are both very happy with our early gifts!

Back to knitting.  See you tomorrow.