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Monday, September 24, 2018

Thicker Walls....

The only trouble with using a pre made box is... Thin walls.

If we want the walls to appear thicker from the outside, we have to use a little bit of magic.

That's in the form or making the walls appear thicker when you look at them from an angle.  It also helps to make the stone blocks appear to be whole.

I took strips of the theater trays and cut them into a U shape, about a half inch wide..  Then I glued them around the edge of the door frames inside.

Then I made strips that would wrap around the edge of the doors. That makes the walls appear to be about twice as thick. 

I decided that, that would be thick enough for what I was doing.

There will be three doors involved too.

I have to make two curved top doors and one straight topped door.

One of the curved top doors will go in the doorway that Tessie is standing in, in the second photo. The other one is on the second floor at the head of the stairs. There will be a straight edged door in the opening behind her, on the bottom floor. 

I am thinking that for viewing purposes, the door behind her will open so that it is behind her.  The other door on the main floor will open in back of the first door.

That will make it so that the viewer can clearly see the stairway and how it goes up around the trunk of the tree from both sides.

If the clothespins weren't in the way, you would be seeing and open doorway.  It leads into the living room.

Now that I have you thoroughly confused, I am going back and try to finish some more of the walls.

I want to get the tower covered before Wednesday. I have witches here this week.

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

There Will Be A Slight Pause.....

 I am going to take a break from the trailer today and maybe tomorrow too...

The bedroom is almost un-walkable...
The workroom is barely walkable...  I can get from on side to the other.  I just can't find anything when I get to the other side.
The worktable in the bedroom is un-findable... You can't even see it under all the mess. I am going to work on finding the workroom and the worktable. They are both a total mess.  I will get back to work tomorrow.  That is if I can ever find the stuff I was working with and the stuff I was working on! See you tomorrow, with a new outlook on things.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Little More to the Left!

I got the hair brained idea to put a tree trunk in the middle of the hallway.  After all, people need something to hang onto when climbing stairs.

Tessie liked the idea and told me that she and Zar would take care of putting it in.

I went out to the wood pile and found the perfect piece.
Zar kind of wanted me to stick around, but Tessie kept trying to get rid of me.

I snuck in a couple of times to see how things were going.

I still have to put the top layer of the stairs in.  That is the landing.  It covers about half of the area in a teardrop shape.

I wanted to make sure that the floor would fit around the tree. 

Tessie kept quiet while I measured where the tree would hit the floor and cut it out.

Then she told me to leave.
She said that I was "Dismissed!".  Then she totally ignored me.

I did keep my eye on things.  I pretended to read a book while watching what was going on.

She sat on the top step with her arms folded. Every once in a while, she would shout down to Zar, "A little more to the left,".

She was driving both Zar and I a little crazy.

He would get it a little more to the left and she would immediately want it back a little to the right.
She finally got to her feet and started pushing the tree back and forth.

I will not show you the part where Zar and I got together and locked her out of the bedroom where we were working.

We got the tree where we thought it looked best and then totally ignored her when she came back in and started making suggestions again.

I am going back and glue in the tree so that she can't move it around. Then I am going to put the top floor in, glue it in place and lock her out until it dries.

It's my tree and I will put it where I want it.  Glue it in place and let her just try to move it.  It's not going to happen. Zar and I put a ton of glue on it.  It is not going to move even if she gets a tow truck and tries to pull it out.

I am going now to put in the upper floor.  Then there will be no way for her to budge it even an inch! 

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Not As Much As I Thought...

I had other things to do today... Laundry and gardening got in the way. I am up to the sixth step and I got the floor finished.  That's about it...

Tessie and Zar are mostly getting in the way and taking way to many breaks.  So far today, they have had coffee, bug beer, cookie and rest breaks.  I am not sure why they need rest breaks. I am the one doing the work.

At one point, I started watching TV and fell asleep.  That is not helpful when doing stone work.  It takes a lot of time.
Tessie and Zar are going someplace else to spend the day tomorrow.  Maybe I will lock them in the hall closet for a change. 

If I throw the two of them in there, maybe they will get bored and clean instead of interfering  with what I am doing.
At least, so far they are approving of the stone stairs. The trouble is, they both take the break part of the day seriously and then they can't figure out why I am not further along in the process.
After I finished the floor, they even had to sit on that and try it out...

They are NOT helping!!!

I am taking the rest of the day off.  Let them work on the stones. 

I QUIT!!!!!

See you tomorrow...

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Another Break... And Another...

Tessie won. She is getting the stone steps.

It is very hard to get anything done with the Terrible Two involved.  They are insisting that "we" take a break after every layer of steps. 

They have to test them every time I get a new layer done.

After the first layer, all that they could do is sit down on the first step.

As I go up, it will get better.
Mind you, I am not complaining. That just means that I get to take a break about every fifteen or twenty minutes...

The second layer.  Here you can see that I am building up the back of the steps with scraps. A whole sheet of the stuff is not needed.
I am using Styrofoam for a filler.  One half inch thick.  then I am covering it with the theatre trays.

I still have to cut them one rock at a time, but it goes pretty fast.

And with all of the breaks that we are taking, it's pretty easy.
ON the third step, they had to try it out before I got it covered.

If they keep it up, I am going to be taking a break after each stone.

Maybe I should let them be in charge more often.

Oops! They are demanding that I go back and do the rest of this layer.  Only about ten more layers to go.

Back to work! See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Everything's A Blank!!!

This morning I did a bit more to the trailer/castle.... Then I had to get ready and go to Wednesday Witches...

It really doesn't look a lot different than yesterday, but I did do more to the inside of the tower and the bathroom.   
 While I worked on it, the terrible two sat on the table and watched TV.

No help at all!
About two o'clock, while I was still at Witches,  it started pouring. We Witches were doing our thing.  Eating, talking and generally having a good time. At 3:30 when I was coming home, it was pouring.  Raining cats and dogs.

I just now stepped out on the back porch.  I didn't get further than the doormat.

Water is now coming up on the porch.

It looks like this is going to last most of the night.

If it does, I will have an excuse to stay at home and work on Tessie's Trailer tomorrow.

I am going to ignore the rain tonight and start over in the morning.

See you then!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Another Confused Critter and Work...

This momma squirrel thinks she's a sparrow... Actually, she's just finding food for her babies. They must be a later batch. 

The babies that I have been seeing out there are about half grown now.  They are foraging for them selves.

Anyway. More Squirrels. More food!

 I came back in the house and started to work, once again, on the trailer/castle.  Tessie was NOT helping.  She wants it done now and I am the one that is supposed to get it done... NOW!

I got the inside of the bathroom covered with stucco.

Part of the roof edge covered with stone. 
And the inside of the stair tower covered with stucco too.

Tessie has been yammering at me continuously while I do it.  I am not fast enough.

I figured that I may as well write this now.  No matter how fast I work, it won't be done today...
Or tomorrow.  Or the day after that.  If I do it right, it is going to take forever... Then I wont have to do anymore projects for her.  I can just keep doing this one... All I have to do is keep thinking of other rooms to add to it.

Back to work. See you tomorrow, with another room... or two.