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Monday, January 22, 2018

After Christmas Cleaning Should Never Happen!!!

 I Started with the bedside table.  Not bad.  I got it cleaned in no time and didn't run into any problems.  No unfinished projects...
The telephone table was a bit riskier.  Three pair of unfinished socks and a hat...

Don't ask about the ones that I hid in the closet.  I was just cleaning the tables.  Not the boxes of yarn that I put in the closet yesterday... The socks will all get finished some time... This year?  Next year?
I cleaned off the work table... Victor is very proud.  After all, that is where he has to live.

I can get back to work there at any time!

Then I made the mistake of opening one of the drawers where I keep unfinished rugs...

We aren't going to talk about the other two drawers like this... Not a word!

I am planning on finishing the Rya in the right bottom corner before I do anything else. That is the one that I started for The He Shed.  It is about three quarters done.   I am going back in and clean the bathroom now... One problem... All of my unfinished jewelry pieces are in there... Again. We are not going to talk about this.

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Cyra said...

Haha, it's so much easier to find a hiding place for the unfinished projects 'before' you tidy up.
You have just reminded me NOT to tidy up my worktables, lol, goodness knows what half-done projects lie in that pile.