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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Various Mini Related Things...

I am almost back to minis... I picked up my pliers yesterday and decided I had to finally do something about the handles.  The bead work, after a lot of years are almost shredded.  I repaired them once, but they shredded again.  I decided to try something new...
 I don't like the stuff that they put on the handles so I cover them.  I can get a better grip on them.

I decided to try crocheting some with the nylon Sizzle thread. 

I simply started at the bottom end of the handles and did a five stitch circle.  In that, I did two stitches in each one and made it 10 stitches.  Then I just worked to the other end.  I decreased about four stitches and fastened off.  New handles.  They are rough, so that I can get a good grip on them now. And I like the fact that they get a little thicker.  I am not crazy about the tiny handles that they put on them.

Now about the minis.  I am taking down the snow from Christmas, before I start making a bigger mess.

I thought I would show you some gifts that April and Seth brought back from a walk that they took after dinner. 

I am always getting this kind of gifts from them.  They know what I like.  If they go anywhere, and ask if they can bring me anything, I always tell them to bring me a rock...

Seth brought me the rock at the base of the tree and April brought me the tree!  They both know what I like. They will both be used in a mini scene.

I took down the theater this morning and while doing so, I figured out that the scene could be used anywhere.

The floor would have to be made to fit the space and the wall would have to vary in height. 

I would have to make the flap in the front into a base that went around three sides.  Other than that, I could either leave it like this if it were in a bookcase, or have two false walls on the sides. 

Lots of options!

I have to go knock some more snow off of the roof now.  See you tomorrow.


Mereknits said...

You are brilliant making those handles more functional and pretty cute too.

Caseymini said...

Thanks Meredith, I really don't like the fact that they put sparkles in the finish of the ones I turned gray. I can't believe that they think that some glitz will sell tools to women! If I wanted glitz, I could bead them again. I still have two beaded pair of pliers that are in good shape, but those take a lot longer to make. Still very practical.