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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Amare!!!!

There are no minis this morning... There may be this afternoon, but that will have to go on tomorrow's episode...

Today is Amare's day!  He is officially three today!

Happy Birthday Amare!
 We went over to their house this morning.  The official Birthday party will be Saturday, but we had to celebrate on his real birthday.
As you can see, he takes after his grandma... Just give him a box of colored pens and a bunch of paper and he can keep himself amused.... For a little while. Or in my case, for hours...

Unfortunately Walter and I both forgot to take photos of him going wild with a remote control red Mustang.
(car, not horse)

I think it will only take until Friday for him to demolish the house with that. 

He was mostly interested in making it go around in circles and knock things down... Oh! And scaring the cats! LOL

Anyway, I am now on my way out to go to Wednesday Witches mini meeting.

Minis tomorrow. I promise.  See you then.


elizabeth s said...

He just get cuter and cuter and more Adorable every time I see him, Casey! A grandson to be proud of, lucky you! :D
Hugs to him, from me! :))

Drora's minimundo said...

Happy Birthday to Amare!
He's simply adorable. So serious with
his drawings.
Hugs Drora

12Create said...

Happy birthday Amare. You are growing up so quickly - 3 already. Have fun with that Mustang.

Cara said...

Happy birthday, Amare!! He just gets cuter and more precious with every passing year.

April said...

We had a great time yesterday! Thanks for making Amare's birthday extra special. We love you!

Lucille said...

Amare has beautiful hair! Happy Belated Birthday to him. said...

He is absolutely precious. And how lucky he is to have such wonderful grandparents!