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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Don't Pet the Cactus!

 I fear that we will have to take the cactus away from Tessie.  She is whispering to it now and will not leave it alone.

I officially finished the outside of Daisy's Cottage this morning.  With the exception of the wiring running through the trees.  That is still to come.  It won't be long though.
OK...  This has gone just about far enough.  Tessie is ignoring everyone and petting Oscar. 

I made the mistake of telling her that his thorns are soft and furry... 

Actually that's true.  He fell when Tessie was carrying him around and I just picked him up with two fingers and put him back in his basket.  No harm done.

I did notice that Zar has the mesmerizer ready and waiting... The only trouble is, Tessie won't turn around and look at him or it... We're going to have to work on that.

Speaking of working... Most of what I have left to do is in the kitchen.  Since I changed the back of the niches to black, I guess I should make new curtains.  The blue ones don't look good in there now.

I keep changing things.  With the black marble counter tops, I repainted the sink black.  So basically I have a black and white kitchen now, with red tile and brown dinette set.  Here we go again...

The bathroom is pretty much done, except for the back wall.  Very boring.  I am going to have to find something to break up the boring beige.  I think that a couple of things that I test printed the other day might work.  We shall see.

OK.  I hear a commotion.  I do believe that Zar is trying to force Tessie to look at the mesmerizer... It's OK.  As long as she doesn't set Oscar down on the floor and go for Zar's neck.

Also, she has been known to turn the tables and use the mesmerizer on him a few times...

I had better go and see what is happening.

See you tomorrow... Probably with either Tessie or Zar unable to move...

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