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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Getting Nowhere Fast!

I have done very little today.  I am still working on the lid of the box.  I still need to do another side.

Of course as soon as Tessie got in the box, she decided to spend the night.

So far this morning, she has gazed out the window for a couple of hours.

Every once in a while she tells me to take a photo... I do.
Then she goes to another angle and tells me to do it again... I fear that this is going to be a very boring entry. 

She is mainly trying to decide if she wants to sleep here again tonight. 

Last night the snoring coming from this box was horrendous. I am thinking of moving it to another room for tonight.  I got very little sleep with her in there. The sound is magnified.

Tonight she is sleeping elsewhere.  Box or no box. 

See you tomorrow.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Tessie and the "New" Tool!

Yes, Tessie is helping and the "NEW" tool is actually an old one that I just never thought of using for glue before...

Tessie is merely pointing to the corner that I was working on when she happened to come into the room.
The new tool is an emery board.  I never thought of using them for glue sticks when I have a lot of glue to spread.

I picked one up this morning When I started work on the roof.  I grabbed one to spread glue on the back of the "rocks".

It actually works better than any other spreader that I have used!
 It picks up more glue than toothpicks or Popsicle sticks.

It moves glue around to where I want it and it takes glue off of an area that I don't want it!

It holds on to whatever amount of glue that I want.  Moves the glue better than other implements of destruction...

Unfortunately It doesn't make rock work any faster, but it does make the gluing easier that anything else I have found.

The edge of it will pick up any glue and move it to another area if need be.

 I am doing the roof of the castle bedroom.

I have decided to do the stone work like the stone work on the music room. I am thinking a series of castle room boxes that, when displayed together. shows you the whole castle... Well.  At least two rooms will match.

Here's one of the corners on the edge of the room box.  I simply cut a V at the top where I wanted the stone to have a corner.  Then I glued and pined it in place to dry. 

Yes.  I am using a LOT of pins. But as I move forward, I move the earlier pins to the new stones. It is slow work because I cut one stone at a time.  I don't like bricks or stones that are all the same shape and size.
I forgot to mention the best feature of my new tool.

It stays up in the neck of the glue bottle instead of sliding down inside like toothpicks and Popsicle sticks both do.

I case you can't tell, The emery board is my new friend.  I like it a lot.  Try it the next time you have a lot of gluing to do.  You might like it as much as I do.  Also, emery boards are cheap and when one gets clogged up, just throw it away and grab a new one.  I am going back and play some more.  See you tomorrow.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Further Away the Better...

I started messing with the roof of the bedroom this morning.  It just didn't look right...

I thought maybe if I turned it around, it would look better...

Not happening... If anything, it looked worse.

The problem is, I don't like the design at all!!!

It doesn't go with the rest of the rock work.

Oh well.  Go do something else...
The sock is coming along nicely.  Not much more done than the last time you saw it, but it is better than the roof!

The best thing I did today was an  Apple pie.  At least Tessie thinks so...

She didn't even bother with fork or spoon.  She just dug in with both hands. It was all I could do to keep her from crawling in with both feet.

Anyway, I think that I will quit doing minis for the day and just eat pie... Oh... I already did that.  I guess I had better go back to the roof.

See you tomorrow... Hopefully with a new and improved roof!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kota, as a Helper!.....

He's not.... First he laid on the theater trays.  He likes the surface to sleep on.  I am not sure why. But he does.

As soon as one comes into the house and is available for a sleeping pad, he curls up in it and goes to sleep... It doesn't matter if some of him hangs over the sides.

It's just one of his favorite things to sleep on.

So far, I have two of the base sides done...I haven't even started the walls yet.

Please note that Kota is bracing one of the corners so that it won't fall off of the bed.
I decided to try to get him interested in sleeping with something else so that I could rescue the trays...

Smelled OK.  Just wasn't the same thing.
I finally pulled the trays out from under him and covered him with one of the flat feet yarn pieces that I am using on the latest socks.

I guess that you could call it a success. He went back to sleep and hasn't bothered me once since I did that.

Maybe I will get something done today after all.
Wish me luck! 

Back to work.  See you tomorrow. I might even have the walls covered with stonework.

Friday, January 12, 2018

I'm Back!!!!

And I am with Miniatures!!! I decided to finish up some minis that have  been sitting here waiting for quite a while.

#1 on the list is the castle bedroom.  The poor thing has been waiting patiently for years... I am not sure how many.

The basis for the whole thing was the jade tile that is the floor. I got it at Home Depot.  I don't even know if they still have them. 

You could do it with any floor tile that suits your fancy.  This one was mine.

I built the box around it. 

This morning, I decided to add some height to the base.  I used ceiling tile cut to size for that.

I already had the pieces for the top measured and cut.  I just had to glue them together. They are now drying under a pile of books, so that they won't buckle.
The interior was done when I first decided to do the project.  I think that there is a entry that tells how I did it and gives instructions for the curtains and the window that you see.

 I wanted you to see how the window is constructed.  I used two thicknesses of foam core to get the thickness I needed.

The rocks around the window are made with DAS clay.  It is air drying and you can get it at Walmart or Michaels among other places. It is cheapest at Walmart.

The curtains were done with a LOT of pins and hairspray on a ceiling tile pin board.  That is also found on another entry.  Just put in ceiling tile or pinboard to get to the directions for one.

By the way, I seem to be coughing a lot less today! Yay!

I put another strip of foamcore around the bottom.  I want the base to look a lot heavier than the rest of the walls.

After it dries, I will start covering the walls, base and roof with theater tray stone.  That is a lot lighter than the stone made with clay of any kind.  I want to be able to move it around when it is done.

I have to go now and check for dryness.  Then I will start the stone work. Getting back into things is fun.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Need I Say More?

Tessie and I finally got what we wanted. The sun is back and we enjoyed the whole day of it!

I am not coughing as much as I was and hopefully the cold is going down the tubes as we speak.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better mini day... Fingers crossed!

See you then!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bah Humbug!

This was Tessie this morning at 10:00 when we left for a doctor's appointment...

I got good news this morning.  My surgeon told me that, the next time she sees me it will probably be at Costco.  She said I don't have to come back to the office again... Ever!!!!

That was good.  I like her the best of all of my doctors, but I am happy that she is finally letting me go.

I have three more doctors that I need that same answer from and then I will be able to go back to normal.

It rained off and on this morning... and it stayed cloudy all day.

I am still coughing to beat the band.  No fun.

I didn't go to Witches.  I didn't want a bunch of witches cursing me for giving them a cold.
I took the day off.  Just a little while ago, I found Tessie looking out the back door.

When I asked her why, she replied... With the same answer that I would have made.

"I need sun!"

I am still coughing, and I know just how she feels.  If I could get some sun, I am sure that the coughing would stop...

I need sun!

See you tomorrow.