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Sunday, September 2, 2018

I Want a Hanging Bed!!!

I was working on the end of the trailer this morning.  putting on stones... I still have one more row to do on that side.

Tessie came bouncing in and asked..."What would you say to a hanging bed?". I was tempted to answer with "How's it hanging?". But I was being good, so I just answered with "No". 

Of course that was not the answer that Tessie wanted, so the argument started then and there.
You know the drill.  First it was the Yes, No. Yes. NO.

Then it changed to the drawn out "Why Not?"

I answered that one with a simple reply.  "OK Tessie. You can have it if you will make it yourself."

The argument ended with that sentence. She is NOT a do it yourself-er.

Then She went and stuck her head out of the "kitchen " window. 

She started the next round with, "If we put the big round room on the corner, there will be plenty of space for it.  That can be the bathroom and the bed can go on this side of the room. 

We can cover part of the window and hang the bed right next to the door tower.

It doesn't really have to hang.  We can just make it look like it is hanging...

She is using the royal "we". That is, the we really means "Casey". As in, "Casey can  do that and I will sit and watch..."

I do believe that another long talk is in order...

Tessie is a fan of do it yourself as long as the self in question is me.  I don't want to figure this one out.  Let her do it if she wants it! I am going to watch for once!

Back to putting on stones. See you tomorrow.


Véronique said...

Lol @ how's it hanging 😂
I doubt Tessie would have understood.
A hanging bed sounds lovely though...

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
She certainly has an incredible imagination. It is a shame she does not partake in the work...the hanging beds would have been really fun.
Big hug