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Friday, August 10, 2018

Letty! My Kind of Girl!

Tessie did her usual thing.  She never came down from the top of the shower tower...

On the other hand, Letty waded in and started helping immediately. bare feet and all.

I made her look like I looked when I was in college... I was about three inches shorter, but I couldn't make myself shorter than Tessie.  That just wouldn't be fair...

Anyway, we got a good start on the trailer.

As with the one before, I had to patch a few places that I wanted to look better than a trailer for a six year old.
Tessie was fascinated by the glittery top of the tower.  I didn't tell her that I am not keeping that.

You know how she likes glitter on anything and everything...
As I said, Letty pitched right in and started working. Between the two of us, we got all of the sawing and gluing done on the pieces that I knew we had to do.  There will be a few others that will have to be done to fill in a couple of places.

Those can't be done until I start putting things together.  I am very happy about what we got done so far this morning.

Tomorrow I will probably have some of the outer walls put together and the tower cut out to fit where I want it. That is, if Tessie stays on top of said tower and doesn't try to help. 

I like the way that Letty is pitching in.  We are getting things done. At least Tessie is staying out of the way.  I am going back to work now.  I may lock Tessie in the workroom before the day is over, but with Letty around, we will keep going.

See you tomorrow.


meemaw said...

Wow that Letty sure can work! I hope Tessie doesn't find her m*sm*r*z....

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I am so happy you have someone who actually wants to help.
Big hug

April said...

I am loving your doppleganger. So much fun!

April said...

I am loving your doppleganger. So much fun!