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Thursday, May 3, 2018

I Am In Soooo Much Trouble!

We got a  copy of the new Mac Kinzie-Childs catalog this morning...

It took a while to start reading it.  Kota claimed it as soon as Walter dropped it on the bed. 

He can get mean and bite if you try to take away something that he has claimed as his.

Well... At least he doesn't play favorites.  He wouldn't let Tessie near it either.

Safe for a while... 
I went to work on the back of the box for the dressing room.  This took me a couple of hours.
While I was doing the stonework, Kota went to sleep.  So I grabbed the catalog and looked at it for ideas.  I am thinking that I had better hide it. 

If Tessie sees it, I am going to be enlarging the room and maybe adding an annex,

Anyway, I did get the back finished. There's not a lot of tray material left over. I am going to have to use a few more. I still need to do the sides and the top.
I went into the workroom for more trays and when I came back I heard whispering behind the big glue bottle...

I am in so much trouble.  All I heard was Zar, apologizing to Tessie for being mad at her for so long... Then agreeing to help her get her room done if she would help him get the Clockwork cottage finished... No. He was not volunteering to help with the work.  He was volunteering to help with the harassment!

I am going to lock myself in the workroom for the rest of today.  I will be safe. I told Tessie a long time ago that when I am in the workroom, I have a spell on it so that she can't get in without an invitation... Silly Tessie! She believed that.  Please don't tell her I lied.  It was to save my sanity... What there is left of it. 

I am going now and catch them behind the glue bottle. Then I am going to run to the workroom.  Get inside quickly and lock the door. 

Wish me luck.  See you tomorrow.

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