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Saturday, June 11, 2016

I've Been Zapped!

Before I get to the zapped part, I have to tell you that we were hailed upon yesterday...

Monsoon season is about to start and this was an early rain. About ten minutes into it, we started hearing little pinging sounds against the windows.  I went out and looked in the front yard and this is what I saw.

YES!  I had to take photos to verify that it did in deed happen.  Those little white balls are hail stones.

OK, now about the zapping part.  I started cleaning in the workroom once again.  I am finding all kinds of things that Tessie is kidnapping for the antique shop. 

She says that she is helping get rid of stuff... Sure she is...

I vacuumed the rug and found out that it is really black... Not dark gray.

Tessie is sitting on the door handle so that I can't run away from cleaning...

It works.  However, I have to tell her when something belongs in another room and she zaps me to that location and I have ten seconds to stow it away.  Then I get zapped back to the workroom. She even puts a new object in my hand to be put away. 

I am a bit dizzy, but the system seems to be working... I may need a long nap when it is over...
She says that I can't stop until the rest of the workroom looks as good as this section.

I may be in here for the next month or two. 

She seems to think that I should have it done by tomorrow night, with her help.

I'm not sure if she means that she is stealing everything that resembles an antique or if she is talking about zapping me back and forth.

The rug looks great. Now if only I could get the rest of the room as clean.

Karin asked in the comments yesterday, what my ideal workroom would look like... I told her it would have a butler and a maid of all work and be three times the size of this one... The butler would serve food and drinks when I ring a bell and the maid of all work would put things away as soon as I finished using them and keep everything straight...  I have a feeling that is asking a little too much. But I can dream, can't I?

See you tomorrow.

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