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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Twenty Years or So...

The last time my lace collection was sorted and wound around cards was more than 20 years ago.  I know, because we were still in our old house.

We have been here over 20 years!
 I decided yesterday to do some cartonnage cards for at least the big lace and I may have enough to do the smaller laces too.

I simply drew out a design that would fit on the cat food box dividers that I have been saving for ages...

I had enough for at least 24 of these cards.

After I decided on the design, I just did a pattern and cut out 24 cardboard shapes.

Then I cut two pieces of fabric for each panel.  I left about a half inch edge all around.

I took them outside and spray glued each board and stuck it to the fabric.  Then I cut V shapes in all of the outward curves and slashed the inward curves and the long edges and glued them down with Aleen's tacky.

I used an Elmer's extreme glue stick to smooth another piece of fabric to the other side.  Then simply trimmed it to the edge with sharp scissors.

Here's the results.  Much easier to see what I have than rummaging through a tub. 

Some of the smaller stuff is still nicely wound on the old cards.  Now the question is, do I want to take the time to rewind... I don't really think so. 

Those cards are not as fancy, but they work.  So... I am thinking that the system works, don't mess with the little lace.  Back to sticking my fingers together with a BIG glue stick.

See you tomorrow.

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