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Friday, February 6, 2015

The Fun Begins, Again...

OK.  I dragged out the basket that contains all of the wire for jewelry making, plus a couple of rolls of metal tape.  Copper and silver...

I used some copper foil tape and some copper wire to decorate the main component.

I also grabbed a couple of Steampunk boxes of stuff...
I am now officially working on the telescope.  Mainly, I am just seeing what will fit with what and if it looks like a telescope.  Don't tell anybody that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing... But, I'm having fun doing it.

There will be painting and antiquing and fiddling with watch parts for the rest of the day.
Hopefully, I will have a good start at gluing things together and making the stand for the telescope by tomorrow. 

After all, I only have six days left now... I am not sure what will happen if I don't finish by next Thursday.  The axe may fall...

I have enlisted help.  Help?  So far, we have determined that Zar and/or Daisy are each going to have to sit on a high stool to look at the stars, unless something else comes to mind.

Tessie has absolutely no interest in stargazing... She just bargained for an extra big cookie, in exchange for "helping".  She is not doing much of that.  She's been climbing around on the observatory, clearing her throat a lot and trying to look important.  You know the drill...

If I get this thing to actually look like a telescope, it will be a miracle.  I have to go back and look at the photos that I saved.  Right now it just looks like a discarded car part, parts of a ball point pen and some dollar store gadgets.  We are getting there though. Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.

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Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Don't be too hard on yourself! I think it is looking rather good.
Big hug,