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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mini Tessie Takes Over...

I promised Tessie that I would redo the Neiman-Marcus Epicure Shop this morning.

So she sent in her other self to make sure that I did it right... This shop is 1/24 scale.

This shop was one that I did back in the 80s... It looks like I hadn't touched it since...I have.  I dust it every now and then.  I usually forget about it because it was sitting on the bottom shelf in a corner.  Bad me!

Anyway, I got out the dust mop and a pail and some lemon oil...

Translate that to Clorox wipes and Old English lemon oil.

Please ignore the outside of the box.  I forgot to use the lemon oil on that.  I will do it as soon as I finish here.

I stripped everything out of the box and started from the bottom, up.  Literally. 

First I put in a new floor.  It's a wallpaper sample from the 80s.

Then I measured and cut new wallpaper. It was also from a sample book. The window is a plastic one from some kit back in the 80s.

The only thing I kept was the old ceiling and that was in good shape, only because it was upside down and couldn't collect dust.

I re glued the shelves and counters, after hitting them with the lemon oil. 

Then after the wallpaper, etc. were dry, I put everything back in. 

All of the food was made out of poly clay.  I was pretty new at using it, but it turned out pretty good.

The chicken right in the center was made with plain old Sculpey and painted with brown acrylic paint and glazed with nail polish... Just think.  Thirty year old nail polish and it still looks good.  It is wrapped in saran wrap and is hard to see.

The tubs of food at the side are from my spice jars at the time.  They are sealed with aluminum foil.  I was so proud of remembering to put in a peg with plastic bags on the wall.  And I even made a scoop from foil.  Maybe I should have made four... Oops.

About the only things that I didn't make in the box are the black pot on the top shelf and the yellow one in the last photo.  Those were purchased at the mini show here in town, that year.

Anyway, I did my duty.  The cheese shop is ready for business again.

See you tomorrow.


primrosesattic said...

So cute.

elizabeth s said...

Hi Casey! I think that your cheese shop is pretty darn good and the chicken with the nail polish glaze is pretty special! I can see that you have always had a Lot of Talent, Creativity and Innovative, right from the early stages so.... Well Done! :D

Now,... would you happen to have any Cheddar?

Caseymini said...

Elizabeth, it's on the cheese board, by Tessie's elbow. Take your pick.

Giac said...

Hello Tessie,
It's great that you updated this lovely roombox. It looks like a wonderful little shop. Well done.
Big hug,

Fabiola said...

Beautiful shop!