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Friday, January 16, 2015

I Only Have Two Hands...

Tessie's answer to that statement?  "So use your feet too!"

I can't win.

I went out for a while this morning, so when I got home, I went right to work. 

I started the channels for the sliding door in the dome... The silly things have to have just a bit of a curve to fit tight to the dome.  Grrrr.... That's me growling about it.

They are going to have to be done in steps.
It wouldn't be so bad, but I can't just sit and watch the glue dry...

This is part of the reason why.

The Terrible Two just sit in and watch, whilst I put things away.
They "helped" by finding this frame that they seem to think should be somewhere on the observatory...

There is no way.  It would look great, but it is solid brass and unbendable... Sorry.  No sun.
The other problem is, they seem to think that whilst the glue dries, I should be working on Zar's  woodworking shop in the bottom of the Weaver's Workshop.

I finally blew my top when I caught Zar reading old newspapers and Tessie watching TV.

Not a lick of work done by those two.
To make things even worse, Tessie found some DVDs somewhere that are her... I have no idea how she got them, but she is enchanted with watching herself... She keeps murmuring, "I am a star!  Yup.  That's me!  Look!  I'm on TV."

I think that, since they aren't paying any attention to me... I am going to go watch the glue dry, until they catch me.

I need a Pepsi and a cookie to help pass the time... The glue is drying very slowly...

See you tomorrow.

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Lucille said...

I guess I missed this post. Most of the time, you don't appear on my reader no matter how often I keep adding you. It's a mystery to me. So, I have to google you. Anyways, the terrible two look really cute inside the frame. That's a beautiful frame. I guess the glue must be dry by now. lol! I'm a bit late.