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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good and Bad....

The good part is I finished the dome for the Steampunk Observatory. 

I used watch parts and jewelry findings to make it more Steampunky.  You know the song... Just glue some gears on it... etc.

I got a note from Daisy last night... She is not happy that her cottage isn't done yet.  And... She wants to know if the observatory can set on her property? 

I have a feeling that there is going to be a tiny war going on shortly... Maybe I can talk Zar into loaning it to her, until his Bizarre Bazaar is finished... Too many pots to stir all at once...

 The bad is here.  I need to clean this mess up before the weekend.

We are talking about going to find a new cat on my birthday.(Friday)

If I don't get it clean, I doubt that any self respecting cat would want to live here...

I stopped at Goodwill the other day.  I found lots of table bases and maybe part of the stand for the telescope.  We shall see what happens.  All of these French turned wood pieces for 2.99!  You can't beat that!

I think that there may be one or two of the pawns missing, but that's no problem.  I like what I got.

Back to the workroom.  See you tomorrow.



DoF@theinfill said...

A very Happy Birthday for Friday ;)

Giac said...

Hi Casey,
How many wars have you put up with the past years??? Mind you, I totally understand why everyone wants it.
Big hug,

mcddiss said...

veo que el observatorio va mas que bien ,y tambien veo la futura guerra por su posesion , espero que puedas resolverlo sin muchos traumas

espero conocer pronto al nuevo miembro de la familia



Lucille said...

The dome is very striking! Good luck with finding a cat, Casey! It's good that you're getting another one.