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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Whilst The Glue Dries....

I had to help this morning.  The Terrible Two couldn't bend the floor enough to get it through the archway.

I changed the plans a bit.  The floor now runs all the way to the back on both sides of the machine.  The back wall sits atop that for support.

I cut the floor to the exact size minus just a tiny bit to allow for the carpet.

I solved the problem of the back wall.  The gap was filled with strips of wood.  They will be wrapped with wallpaper... or fabric.  Whichever  they choose to use.  I am hoping for fabric.  It will be easier to work with.

Zar put the wood strips on with white glue.  Now we just have to wait for those to dry.
There is a very loud argument going on about the carpet. 

Zar likes the rosy red.  It looks more Christmas like.  Tessie is leaning towards the gray and black, being a witch and all.

Spike is no help whatsoever!  He likes both... They are equally soft to sleep on.

I think that the decision depends upon the wall covering...

We are off to choose now. 

The party starts tomorrow! You're invited!

See you then.

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