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Friday, December 12, 2014

Swags of Different Kinds...

This morning I wandered over to April's house and we went thrift shopping...

I got one book... That's it.  It has lots of interesting photos of how to display treasures.

I did NOT get grapefruit at the thrift shops.  I got them off of a tree that hangs over the fence from her neighbor's yard.  She has permission to pick as many as she wants. You should see the tree... It is huge and there are hundreds of grapefruit just on her side of the fence. I am going to have one for lunch, when I am done here.  They are the best! 

That is my swag from this morning...
 I decided to do a few simple swags with lycopodium and chenille stems, to continue the mini decorations.  Very easy.  I think that I did a tutorial on this several years ago, but if you missed it, here it is again. 
I took the stem and bent it into the shape of swag that I wanted to make.  Starting at the center of each loop, and working towards the points, I glued on stems of greenery.  This is how it looked after I got the main stems on.  Then I went back in and filled in holes here and there.

The little balls are from some fake flower stems that I got at Walmart years ago.  You could also put a bow at each point. It just depends on the mood.

I was too lazy for bows.  I keep thinking about fresh grapefruit... Yes.  I would definitely rather be eating fresh grapefruit than tying bows. 

I'm off to the kitchen. 

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

que buena pinta tiene ese libro , esas toronjas se ven deliciosas, seguro que las disfrutaras
y el tutorial del adorno de navidad se ve muy sencillo de seguir , gracias



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