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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cooking 101.7

Today the fun starts.  I get to do the pre Christmas cooking.  I thought that Tessie and I would share a couple of recipes.

This first one is one that I found on the net several years ago. It's hard to make a bowl of mashed potatoes look exciting...

Tessie is nothing, if not helpful.  She is perfectly happy if I hand her a spoon and tell her to try whatever I am cooking.

You can see that this recipe is well used.  So is the bowl that it is in.  This is one that Seth made for me several years ago and it gets used a lot.  It can go from fridge to oven and has done so many times.  I love the glaze that he put on it.  I will have to show you some of the other ones that he has made for me.  He is a gifted potter.
The other thing I did this morning, was this bean salad.  The original was a pretty plain three bean salad from a Pennsylvania State Grange Cookbook.  One of those where everybody's mom contributed a recipe.

I have played with it for a number of years and it is now a Balsamic Bean Salad.  I still use the canned beans, just like the original, but I have changed the dressing somewhat.

Here Goes.

1 can of yellow wax beans.                I added a can of black beans.
1 can of cur green beans                     1/2 cup raw onion diced
1 can of red kidney beans                   1/2 raw green pepper diced
Drain and rinse all of the beans well.  Then dump them in a large bowl with the onion and pepper.

3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp. garlic salt
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup Pompeian white balsamic vinegar
fresh ground black pepper to taste

Mix well.  Pour over bean mixture and stir well.  Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight before serving.  It gets better the longer you let it sit before serving. 

Very easy and very good.  At least that's what Tessie says...

I have to go now and make a breakfast casserole.

See you tomorrow.


elizabeth s said...

I am getting geared up for my pre-cooking Christmas meal too, but I wanted to take a time out and wish you a Very Merry Christmas to You, Walter, April, Amare, Tessie, Zar and all the other little people in your house!
All the Best to you and yours


carmen said...

felices fiestas!

Lucille said...

Seth is very talented! Thanks for the bean recipe. Being a vegan, I look forward to trying it. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Casey, and also to your lovely family. Much love, joy, and peace for the day!

Cara said...

Holy smokes! Seth made that bowl? That's gorgeous! Where does he sell them, if he does?

Sarah Sequins said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe with us! I'm a huge fan of beans of all kinds.

Since you were nice enough to share, here's my recipe for Chickpea Curry soup:

Lucille, since you're vegan, you might like this one, too!

Happy Dollidays from my dolls to yours!