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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nobody's Dead...Yet...

 I am going to stand back and let the Terrible Two fight it out...

They came to me this morning with one of the coffins from the party... They each wanted a place to sleep...

I knew that the novelty would wear of in about 20 minutes...
 So I told them that I would build one and they could take turns...

I imagine it will be a great doggy bed when they tire of it.

I painted the whole thing black, inside and out.  Then I cut two layers of ceiling tile the same shape only a hair smaller to fit inside and hold the mattress up. 
I cut a piece of cardboard the same shape and size.  A piece of double thickness batting the same size and some silk tie fabric about 3/4" larger all around.

I marked the back of the cardboard with the pattern that I wanted to tuft.  Then I glued the batting and the silk to the cardboard and tufted the whole thing.

I made a pillow to match using the cardboard padded and covered in silk. 

First Zar tried it.... Enough room for Zar and Spike both..

Strangely, when Tessie tried it, she started fussing that, with Spike in the other end, there was no place to put her feet... And she didn't like the color..

See!  I told you so... All three of them walked away... Spike, being the smart one in the family, came back... Settled down in the middle of the coffin and went to sleep.  I have no idea where the other two went... It is nice and quiet.  I am not going to go looking for the Troublesome Two!

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That is the most awesome doggy bed ever ;)
All your hard work to please those 2 and they just walked away...some gratitude.
Big hug,