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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Posted....And Chained

OK.  Now nobody should fall off the landing platform... Notice I said "should" not "will".

I cut the straws all to the same length this morning.  I may still go back in and us a matte finish on them.  They are  just a bit too shinny for my taste.

This is the pile of materials that I used.  Straws, cut to size.  Short lengths of 18 gauge gunmetal wire for the loops at the top and a bead cap and a bead for the top of each post.
 Here is the assembly.  I made a loop in the middle of each wire, around my needle nosed pliers.  The I put that through the bead and then the end cap, jewelry finding.

I used E-6000 to keep them together...  I needed nine of the posts.

I glued the posts into the eyelets that are around the platform.

Then I threaded the copper wire through the loops at the top of each post.  I put a bit of E-6000 on each connection to hold the chain in place. If I didn't do this, the chain would wind up in a pile at one end or the other... It doesn't stay where you put it.

Anyway,  now Zar can enjoy the view without falling overboard...

I still need to finish putting on the underpinnings of the platform.  I had to go buy more eyelets before I could finish that... I did... Now I can...

See you tomorrow.


Vivian Fox said...

Hi Casey
They look amazing...whether they'll work for the terrible two I don't know :)
All the best

elizabeth s said...

Hi Casey Great job with the chain fence and the clever makings of the posts. Quite innovative solutions all around.

Lené said...

I love these posts! I bought a bulk lot of similar long cone bead caps and now at least I have some more options to use them.

Lucille said...

Brilliant solution, Casey! Looks really good and as you say, will prevent our friend from toppling over!

mcddiss said...

has hecho un gran trabajo , queda muy bien y seguro que a Zar le encanta



The grandmommy said...

Oh my goodness this looks great! I was thinking about a fence for the future. I hope mine comes out as well as yours!

Unknown said...

I love the rope fence. It finishes it off perfectly. X