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Monday, June 14, 2010

Cinderella or Her Stepsister?

Did someone mention a tutorial for stilettos? Ask and you shall receive....

The pattern was drawn on 1/4" graph paper, so there shouldn't be too much problem for you to re size it. The only piece that you really need an accurate pattern for is the sole. It is 3/4" long by 5/16" wide at the widest part.

You will need colored card stock(Preferably textured scrapbook paper). One color for the inside and brown or tan for the outside sole. I find this easier to work with than leather for soles and it is thinner. That makes it more realistic.

The straps are simply cut from very thin leather in 1/16" strips. I cut the length as I assemble the shoe.

The heels are, for mine, mesquite thorns. I did try making them with the tips of bamboo skewers this morning to see how they looked. They work and look similar. I still like my thorns better.

1. Cut out two insoles from colored card stock of choice. Cut two outer soles from brown or other sole color.

2. Cut a piece of wire for each shoe a bit shorter on either end than the sole. Glue that to the center of the sole. I started with the yellow ones to show you that you put the wire in and how to bend them....Don't bend until later.

3. Glue straps in place starting on the back, wrapping around and fit the strap the way you want it. Cut off the excess and glue that in place on the other side. Let it dry for a bit and then glue the outer sole over the backside. Bend to shape. Clamp and let dry.
4. Apply glue to the leather for the heel and wrap around the tip of the skewer. Trim to fit. Let dry.

5. Position the heel, with glue on the thick end, on the heel of the shoe. You will have to manipulate the bend in the shoe a bit to make sure it stands.

If you want them to fit a certain person.....Don't let them tell you the size that they want. Measure the foot yourself.

If you let the person in question(Tessie), tell you the size, you will end up with the "Ugly Stepsister Syndrome" and they will end up with the "Pinocchio Syndrome". You get a shoe that is too small and they wind up with a lllllooooonnnnnggggg nose. Tessie's nose is growing as we speak......

When she couldn't get the shoes on, even with Zar's strong, capable help......She finally turned to me and had the nerve to tell me...."You made them too small. I told you size 5 and you made them size 2!"

I had an answer ready for her. I knew that she was fibbing when her nose started to shoot out as she told me the size. I, very calmly, told her, "Why are you worried? You will never wear them anyway. They are just for show.......And besides, when everyone sees these in your closet, they will think that you have small and dainty feet."

"My feets are small and dainty. Your shoes are.......are..... SHORT!"

I couldn't argue with that. Zar and I went off in opposite directions, snickering under our breath.

As I turned for one last look, there was Tessie. She had a mixing spoon in one hand, using it as a shoe horn. She was muttering to herself....."Some people are just plain mean....I could have worn these to the ball....."

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Lovely little shoes! Thanks for the tutorial too. My ladies need some sandals so they don't have to go tip toeing all the time...
Maybe you should make Tessie some Birkenstocks?

The Old Maid said...

Thanks for the great tut!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Love the shoes. Always wanted to learn how to do them. Thanks for the tutorial and it has been added to my Casey list of things to attempt. :)

Katie said... make it look so easy Casey, lol. I'll have to give these a try one day!

Anonymous said...

easier said than done. 一起努力吧! ....................................................

Caseymini said...

Kathi, she wouldn't be caught dead in Birkenstocks. She says that they make her feets look big.

Wendy, I would suggest that you start with the flat mule type shoes if you haven't done it before. These are a bit more difficult. That goes for all of you that haven't tried shoemaking before. There is a tut for those somewhere earlier on the blog.

Susanne said...

OOHH, Casey, I think I might have been asking indirectly? Thank you so much for the tutorial, no ladies room without some really good high healed shoes! I´ve never tried shoe making before..but I will study this work very closely.
Love, Susanne

Nancy said...

Beautiful shoe's, thank you for the tutorial. Gr. Nancy

elis said...

Wonderful shoes! Thanks for the tutorial.