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Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Tree Is No More...

This is how the back wall is going to look until we get another tree... Maybe.  We haven't decided yet.  It's still under discussion.

I put the three lanterns in to fill the gaps for now. They will go if I decide to do either fairy stuff or birdhouses.
After I got the mess cleaned up, I came back inside and finished the drawers in the closet.  You will have to take my word.  They are as clean as they are going to be.

I can also find paint by color now. That's a great help.
 I moved the dressing room into the workroom.  I am still thinking that it needs the dressing table.  I don't think that Tessie would object to another dressing table.  The chair just somehow doesn't go. 

I am still looking for all of the missing mirrors.  They haven't turned up yet.
Meanwhile, I have these bookcases cleaned out.  No mirrors here.

I think that I will give up for the day and start again tomorrow. I have had enough fun for one day.  I want to do something more serious...

TV and a Doctor Pepper come to mind.

Back to it.  See you tomorrow.

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