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Friday, March 23, 2018

On the Other Side....

We were to have the new stove delivered today... So we had to move all of the furniture in the front hallway.

We moved the Witches' Warehouse off of the redwood table.  As we did, I realized that I have never put any photos of the outside on the blog.

Here it is, in all it's glory!

This was made before we had a computer and printer... So the sign had to be made by hand... My hand.
This is an up close of the sign.  Not to good because my camera put a shadow on part of it.
The peak of the roof has some extra trim that is painted a rusty red and there is a stove pipe sticking out of the upstairs bedroom, where the little wood stove sits.
Not much more to be said about it.  I am going to have to dust and wash all of the cobwebs off and start over from scratch.  Or maybe I will just dust it and leave it like it is.

After all, a store for witch supplies should have some free cobwebs available to all of it's customers.

After we did all of the moving, the truck came.  On it was a black stove.  We ordered a white one.

It would have been great, but Walter wouldn't let me keep it, but it doesn't match all of the other white appliances in our kitchen. We are NOT going to get a new black refrigerator and dishwasher just because they brought the wrong color of stove. 

Therefore, they didn't even unload it from the truck and we are probably going to have to wait until Monday to get the new one.

Darn! I won't  be able to cook anything until then. Poor me!

See you tomorrow.

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Giac said...

Hello Casey,
The Witches Warehouse exterior is beautiful. what a fun building and the sign is amazing. I am sorry to hear about the stove. I hope they will get it right and end your no-bake suffering.
Big hug