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Friday, March 16, 2018

I'm Not Going Anywhere!

Honest I'm Not! As soon as Tessie sees the travel workbox, she gets all excited.  She automatically starts packing her bags.

We were talking about being prepared for anything mini and I mentioned my travel workbox. 

I got it out this morning and straightened and added a few things that were missing.
I have done this before, but for those of you that don't go back and read the old entries I thought that it might be a good idea to do it again.

Years ago I filled a fishing tackle box from Walmart with supplies and tools that stay in that box at all times.  If I need something to do on vacation or even if I need something to take to Wednesday Witches, it is always ready to grab and take along.

I am having Witches here this week and I thought that it would  be good to have it in order. That way I can show them what I am talking about and I can show you at the same time. This idea could be used for any transportable hobby. I have one that has a lot of stuff for beadwork too.

The second, third, forth, and fifth photos have a quarter of the box.  I will go through what is in the sections one at a time. 

The second photo has stuff for making baskets in the first and second sections.  The third one has an assortment of ribbons and a small matchbox full of thread, with pins and needles on the top padded cover.
The third one has glue, toothpicks and a small set of pliers. Two of them are regular tiny pliers and the third one is a tiny pair of wire cutters. I got them at Walmart in the jewelry department. There is a small pair of scissors also.

The second section has tampex forms for purses and pillows.

The third section is for finished items.

The forth photo has glue syringe and other tools.
The back row has ribbons and trims and a section with all kinds of cardstock and paper.

The forth one has a lot of fabric in the front section and lots of leather in the back section, along with some patterns for hats, shoes and purses.

With the assortment of tools and supplies, I can make a lot of different minis.

I purchased the box at Walmart for under five dollars in the fishing department.  I much prefer these boxes for storage over the ones that they sell in the craft section.  Besides, they are much cheaper than the ones in the craft section and some of the dividers are movable so that you can make some sections larger and some smaller. 

If you want t make a smaller workbox, the one on top of my larger one is a little smaller all around.  This one is $2.88 plus Tax. I bought that one this morning and am going to make a smaller kit in this one.  Maybe just for baskets and rya rugs. Anyway, if you build one, just put in things that you know that you will use.

I am going back now and make another smaller workbox. 

See you tomorrow. 


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That is a brilliant idea! I have to get myself one of those.
Big hug

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Such a cool idea. I will have to look in the fishing department. I'm trying to get my craft and doll things organized too. Maybe this will also help. Thanks.