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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I am Making More Room!!!

I took Zar's rya rug and a pair of Christmas socks to Wednesday Witches today.  I got a couple of rows done on the rug and a lot of rows done on one of the socks.

At this rate, both one pair of socks and the rug will be done by next Christmas...
 The pile in the laundry basket is growing... The rest of the room is looking better.

I won't show it to you today.  Maybe tomorrow.
I have decided that all of the little square jars of paint brushes, pencils and tools are not a necessity on the desk.  The first thing tomorrow, those are going in drawers and boxes.

If I do that, I might even be able to do things on the desk top!

Tessie has ordered me to get rid of some of these boxes. 

She says that all of the stuff in them could be scaled down and put in empty drawers.

Now all I have to do is find empty drawers to put them in.

Like I said before... Not today... Tomorrow.

See you then.

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