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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Left Behind...

What's wrong with this photo?

It's simple... There are no leaves in the box.  Not one!!!

I was going to build some trees at the Wednesday Witches meeting today... Couldn't do it.  I got there and there was not even one leaf to be seen!
When I got home, Tessie was all anxious to see the new trees... Nope... Not one.

I also can't seem to find the frame for the opening in the little tower.

I checked and made sure that all of the other components were in the bag.

They seem to be.
 I did find the leaves. They were in a separate bag.  I am not sure that I like them. They seem a bit large to me. I may have to cut some by hand. When I looked around for them, I found some punches too.  I am not sure how these will look until I try them.
I am going to give up for tonight.  See you tomorrow.

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