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Friday, January 19, 2018

Lost and Found...

I have been knitting today.(And some yesterday too...)

I started looking for my favorite sock book yesterday and couldn't find it. 

I went into town this morning.

I finally found the book when I got home.
I am looking for socks that will be easy to knit for next Christmas.  I am not going to do everything at the last minute this year.

This is the pattern that I was looking for. It is probably the simplest sock pattern in the universe.

No heels to turn. It's just straight knit and purl all the way through and then you just decrease for the toes.  I'm on my way now!
 The only problem is... Kota wants the bed made so that he can go to sleep on the corner.

For some reason, he lined up four of his favorite toys on the floor and then crouched down and is waiting for them to move... Pretty soon he will start attacking... Makes no difference if they move or not.
In case you were wondering... Nope. I didn't do a thing to the bedroom today.  I went out and wandered around town most of the morning.  Walter was playing golf and I decided to go shopping...

All I bought was a Brunch Burger and an Iced Mocha from Jack in the Box. 

Not exactly a successful shopping day. 

I came home and covered all of the plants on the back porch.  We are supposed to get down to freezing tonight and tomorrow night.  The back porch looks like it is haunted again.

I am going to give up and make Kota's bed now. 

See you tomorrow.

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