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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kota's In Charge!

The Skeleton Crew insisted.

They said that he would do a better job of taking care of them than I would.

So.... That's what I did...

They each wanted an apron to protect their bones. 

A basket to sleep in and a piece(each) of candy corn... Oh! And they took over Tessie's manicure table.  There will be a lot of nail painting in the next month. 

They assured me that it would keep them busy for a month...

The head Skelly wanted a photo, as proof, that Kota would in deed protect them from all of the bad elements in the house.

He's not a bad element, according to them.  They trust him... Not so much me. 

I threatened to lock them in a closet.  A basket is better?  And a cat protecting them is better?  OK.  If they say so. 
All I know is, I have until October 30th Skeleton Crew free. 

They all crawled in the basket and started painting each other's nails.

Kota is doing his duty.  He curled up around the basket and won't let anybody near it. 

He will have to let me move it to make the bed, but other than that, I am to keep my hands off of the basket for now.  I am not complaining one bit.  This solves all of my problems for now.

Back to real mini-ing tomorrow.  No Skeleton Crew interference! 

See you then!


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I'm sure he'll do a great job of looking after the skeletons. I can understand the skeletons being afraid of you...I'd hate to be back in the closet ;)
Big hug

Rhonda said...

So Cute!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Love the Skeleton Crew. Very nice. I hope they aren't mischievous and play pranks on Tessie for the whole of October. :D