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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In Need of a Full Body Makeover...

Yesterday, Kota met April and Amare.  We were amazed that he was not afraid at all.

 After the kids left, I went to work and made the tray into something I could do the Chen Luu bracelets with.  You need to be able to pass threads under the strips of leather.
I am now ready to work... In fact, I did one double wrap bracelet last night..

Not bad for the supplies I had on hand.

I set it up for another one, so that you can see how it works.

If you are interested in making them, there are all kinds of instructions on You Tube on how to make them.  Just put in Chen Luu bracelets in the search box.

This morning, we were surprised by Daisy showing up in the time machine.

She was screeching at Zar and Tessie when I got there. 

Sometimes people don't use the sense that they were born with.

It seems that, on her way back to Tucson, she decided it would be fun to stop at Pompeii and watch the volcano erupt...  One catch.  She got there and stepped out of the time machine, just as it exploded... The volcano, not the time machine.

It seems that she was demanding to have and audience with me... She needs a "full body makeover".  Can we say singed eyebrows, frazzled hair and melted toes!?! It's just a good thing that their kind doesn't feel any pain when they do something silly like that.

She refuses to unwrap and come out of the time machine with everyone watching.  I have to go shoo out the Terrible Two and get to work...  As soon as they found out I was going to have to fix  Daisy, they started clamoring for makeovers too.  Tessie wants new hair, new bones and new clothes... Zar is insisting that he only needs new bones and clothes. 

It looks like a full day of work ahead... They are lining up by the dozens as I speak...

Take a number and wait.  See you tomorrow.

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Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Well, you never have time to get bored, have you! Good luck with Daisy's makeover. I'm happy everyone got along well and nobody was hiding under the bed!
Big hug,