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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Witches Are Coming!

 It has been over a month since the last Wednesday Witches meeting... A few of us are meeting today.  Not all could make it.

Anyway, I have to get everything ready.

And with the other hand work on minis...

I couldn't resist cutting the ball for an onion dome on the round rum box. 

did you ever wonder how to cut a level piece off of a Styrofoam ball?

It is really very easy.  Just find a bowl that the ball will fit in to about the level you want to cut and mark it all around with a pen..

Then go find your best serrated bread knife and saw away... Carefully.  You don't want to mess up the knife and you definitely don't want to crack the ball.

I think that the ball is going to have to have a collar at the bottom to sit it up from the box.  Then I have to carve or build the onion top for it.

I am still leaning towards getting rid of the Buddha.  Even more so, after seeing it with the ball on top.
Anyway, I have to go look after the carrots that I have in the oven.  I decided to use the witches for test subjects.  We don't usually serve food like this, but I couldn't resist the rainbow carrots that were already cleaned and ready for cooking. 

I have two friends that can't eat certain things right now, but carrots isn't one of them.  Thus the rainbow.  I mixed them with mushrooms and sprinkled them with garlic, salt and pepper and some fresh rosemary from the back yard.

The timer just went off.  I have to go stir them up.  I got the idea from  They have some pretty good recipes.

Gotta run.

See you tomorrow.


Lené said...

I love the ball dome idea and agree with you, the Buddha dominates the space too much. That box sure would make an awesome half-scale library with mini miniature book shelves all the way up to the top and lots of little ladders! Hope the carrots tasted as yummy as they look. I've never seen rainbow coloured ones like that before.

Lucille said...

I would never have guessed how to cut a level piece of foam into a ball. Thanks for the tip. Your carrots look so delicious. Thanks for the recipe. I am a vegan and so I will certainly make these. Just looking at them makes me hungry! Plus it's such an easy recipe and it looks so colourful!